the list of foods that could cause your fall

Health experts recommend eating a healthy and balanced diet that contains foods from all groups to take care of the body’s organs as a whole; that includes, skin and hair. These two areas are of great importance to a significant number of people, since they are the most visible areas of the face and the cover letter of individuals.

Hair loss is common in some people; This can be influenced by genetic, hormonal, environmental and also nutritional factors; due to the lack of essential nutrients and vitamins to maintain an enviable mane. The health, beauty and personal care portal of Dr. Antonio Burgos, a specialist in hair surgery, mentions some harmful products for hair health.

  • Sugar: It is believed that products that contain this ingredient in an exaggerated way can cause alopecia in both men and women. Consuming sugar in an excessive way makes the body unable to adequately control stress, thus reducing “the levels of certain hormones and proteins, such as B and E, necessary to maintain healthy and strong hair.”
  • Sausages and fats: consuming fast food, fried foods, foods with a high content of trans fats damages hair regeneration, “being related to the increase in testosterone, which can accelerate its fall. Likewise, not only is it possible for the hair to suffer and look greasy, it also favors that blood circulation is not correct in any part of the body, not even in the scalp area.
  • Fish and shellfish: eating these foods frequently can harm the health of the hair, since they contain high levels of mercury “this metal is associated with hair loss”.
When alcohol is consumed on an empty stomach, the person may lose consciousness more quickly. – Foto: Getty Images
  • Alcohol: Alcoholic beverages can cause people prone to hair loss to increase their loss. The body stops properly absorbing some essential minerals for hair health when these types of products are consumed excessively. “Alcohol dehydrates the body, including the scalp, so it will suffer and become weaker and more brittle.”
  • Soft drinks and industrialized juices: even natural juices without sugar can damage hair. “Artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, which replace sugars in versions lightthey also weaken it and make it fall off more easily.”
  • Sodium: Excessive consumption of foods high in sodium can weaken the hair follicles on the scalp and make it look lifeless and dull. This component “can dry it out, make it lose volume, slow down its growth and, ultimately, accelerate its fall.”
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home remedies for hair loss

The beauty and personal care portal better with health provides the list of some natural products that help improve hair health. Before its application, it is recommended to have the approval of a professional on the subject.

Aloe vera

Green tea

  • Once a cup of tea is brewed, let it cool.
  • When bathing her, pour the tea over her hair, as a tonic.
  • Repeat the application 2 times a week to obtain good results.