The list of the Chinese team to go to the World Women’s Volleyball League announced

The list of the Chinese team to go to the World Women’s Volleyball League announced

2022-05-13 11:01:59Source: Xinhuanet

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, May 12 (Reporters Lu Xingji, Hu Jiali, Cao Yibo) The FIVB recently announced the list of players participating in the 2022 World Women’s Volleyball League on its official website. The Chinese women’s volleyball team sent Yuan Xinyue and other 24 people to play, Zhu Ting, Zhang Although Chang Ning was not included in the list, his jersey number was still retained.

Although the maximum number of players in each team is 25, the Chinese team has not used the full quota. However, compared to the new 20-player training list for the Chinese women’s volleyball team announced in April, the players on this expedition have added free man Wang Mengjie, deputy attack Wang Wenhan, support Du Qingqing and main attack Zhong Hui.

The Chinese women’s ranking list is as follows: main attackers Jin Ye, Wang Yunchang, Wang Yizhu, Li Yingying, Wu Mengjie, Wang Yifan, Zhonghui, auxiliary attackers Yuan Xinyue, Yang Hanyu, Gao Yi, Wang Yuanyuan, Zheng Yixin, Wang Wenhan, cooperating with Gong Xiangyu, Miao Yiwen, Chen Peiyan, Du Qingqing, second biography Diao Linyu, Cai Yaqian, Ding Xia, free men Wang Weiyi, Ni Feifan, Xu Jianan, Wang Mengjie.

In a recent interview with Xinhua News Agency, head coach Cai Bin said that in the World Women’s Volleyball League, he will give more players a chance to play, and then form a relatively stable main lineup, so as to determine the technical and tactical style of play.

Due to injuries and other reasons, neither Zhu Ting nor Zhang Changning appeared in the list, but Zhu Ting’s No. 2 jersey in the national team and Zhang Changning’s No. 9 jersey have not been used by other players.

In terms of other top teams in the world, a group of veteran players also faded out of the current World Women’s Volleyball League. Gabi, the main attacker who led Brazil to runners-up in the previous two World Women’s Volleyball League, will not participate this year. As for the U.S. team, Larson and Bachi, who helped the team win the gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics, were also not included in the list.

According to the schedule, the sub-stations of the World Women’s Volleyball League will start on May 31. The Chinese team will play in Ankara, Turkey from May 31st to June 5th, transfer to Quezon, Philippines from June 14th to June 19th, and travel to Sofia, Bulgaria from June 28th to July 3rd. The final stage of the competition will be held in Ankara from July 13th to July 17th.