The live-action version of “The Little Mermaid” Halle Bailey’s 4 methods of developing a strong body are publicized and the abdominal muscles of Sichuan are built by this trick

(She doesn’t eat spicy fried sea melon seeds! The live-action version of “The Little Mermaid” Halle Bailey’s 4 methods of developing a strong figure are released! Photo/Yahoo Shopping Center, Getty Commercial)

Halle Bailey’s method of building a strong body 1# early rise and heavy training

Halle Bailey once mentioned in an exclusive interview that during filming, she would get up at 4 or 5 in the morning to report to the gym. After finishing a round of training, she continued to perform stunt training before going into the water. She was very persistent! And her usual fitness menu includes 👉dumbbelSquats, side stick weights, box jumps, etc., strengthen the muscles of the buttocks and lower limbs. No wonder she can have a round and beautiful peach buttocks!

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Halle Bailey’s method of building a strong body 2 # swimming

Before officially becoming the Little Mermaid, Halle Bailey, who loves outdoor activities, often shared what she was wearing👉beautiful swimsuitSwimming to the screen, sometimes even sea swimming. Swimming can exercise the whole body from head to toe. It is a sport that can burn a lot of calories. According to the survey, swimming can help improve the quality of sleep. In hot summer, soaking in water and swimming can be said to be the coolest exercise. You might as well start learning to be a mermaid this summer, so that you can get a good figure and sleep more soundly!

(Photo/Getty Commercial, Yahoo Mall)(Photo/Getty Commercial, Yahoo Mall)

(Photo/Getty Commercial, Yahoo Mall)

Halle Bailey’s method of building a strong body 3 # hot yoga

Some experts believe that a good weight loss exercise should be able to combine “aerobic fat loss, anaerobic muscle gain”, and Halle Bailey is in addition to anaerobic heavy training, combined with aerobic exercise such as swimming and hot yoga, in order to grow Time-consuming activities to burn a lot of calories and improve cardiorespiratory fitness. Among them, hot yoga is carried out in a high-temperature environment, which can quickly perspire and promote blood circulation. It can be combined with yoga postures to achieve sculptural lines and fat reduction effects. Since you may sweat a lot during the process, don’t forget to prepare an extra set👉yoga clothesah!

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Halle Bailey’s Strong Body Building Method 4#Vegetarian & Homemade Smoothie

I believe that when it comes to the live-action mermaid, no one will forget the Hong Kong goddess Christy Chung who also played the role of a mermaid in the movie. Her eating of “spicy fried sea melon seeds” in the movie is deeply rooted in the hearts of fans! But Halle Bailey is not this school. She and her sister are even more vegetarians. She eats avocado toast, rice, bread, etc. as staple food, and because she loves desserts, she knows how to use 👉almond milkMix raspberries, blueberries, apples and other raw materials to make homemade fruit milkshakes, which not only maintain the body but also take care of the throat.

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After reading Halle Bailey’s method of building a strong body, do you also want to start implementing the plan? Everyone has their own way of maintaining their posture, but the most important thing is still the word “persistence”! This is the only way to truly achieve the goal~