the location of the future aquatic equipment is debated

“Territorial project” desired for a long time, this investment is disproportionate to those made until now by this intermunicipal authority in the south-west of the Landes, created in 1993. In the context of inflation that we know, the last estimates speak of “13.5 million euros including tax”. The president of the Community of communes of Seignanx, Isabelle Dufau, wishes to add to the note “500,000 euros in operating costs per year”.

The equipment would consist of a sports pool, a learning pool, a paddling pool and a slide. “A relaxation area” is also planned, the construction of an outdoor pool being considered too expensive by Isabelle Dufau. “Secondly, we don’t rule out creating a wellness area, with sauna, hammam, etc. »

Three sites studied

The location of this aquatic equipment is planned for Tarnos, with three sites considered and studied at the environmental and urban planning levels. “It became very clear that the site in downtown Tarnos will be preferred,” denounces Pierre Baylet, mayor of Saint-André-de-Seignanx. The latter is one of the five elected officials from the east of Seignanx to regret “this choice which will be deliberately excluding for a whole part of the territory”.

“At some point, you have to decide. Studies have shown us that the Garros site – which I favored – was fragile. Part of it cannot be built, the building is shoehorned in, but requires deep foundations and casing, due to the presence of water in the ground”, points out Isabelle Dufau about this 5,000 square meter surface, located between Tarnos and Ondres.

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A plot of 6,000 meters adjoining the departmental road RD 810 and the avenue Rol-Tanguy, in the city center of Tarnos, has won the favor of studies made about the location of the future aquatic equipment of Seignanx.

Isabelle Louvier/ “South West”

The president of Seignanx also criticizes the third site studied, at the Tuileries. With 10,000 square meters, this wooded land is vast, located near the major traffic axis that is the departmental road RD 817. By its proximity to the rural municipalities of this territory, it collects the favors of six of the eight elected. “There is an additional cost to be expected, with 375 meters of network to be built and a purchase of the land, which belongs to the Department”, advances Isabelle Dufau.

The weight of schoolchildren

“Sold to the symbolic euro by the municipality of Tarnos”, the 6,000 square meters of the Loustaunau wasteland “tick all the boxes”. To justify the establishment of aquatic equipment in downtown Tarnos, the president of Seignanx highlights the weight of the 3,511 children educated in the Tarnos schools, to which are added the teenagers of the two colleges of the territory.

“What about the inhabitants who represent 82% occupancy rate? “says Pierre Baylet. Spokesperson for the elected representatives of the villages of Seignanx, he pleads in favor of the easternmost site of Tarnos. He will vote against the choice of downtown. “Even if it forces some young Tarnos residents to take the bus”, the Tuileries bus “would ensure a higher occupation of the equipment and also better profitability”.

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“It’s a shame that this vote is not unanimous,” laments Julien Fichot. In charge of town planning in the Seignanx, he also opposes the privileged location. “If it is necessary to study new sites or provide a few hundred thousand euros more investment, that does not bother me. This aquatic equipment project is so important for this territory. The mayor of Tarnos, Jean-Marc Lespade, already called for it in 2013, after campaigning for this “pool of Tarnos” in 2008.