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The Lola storm causes the fall of an electrical cable in A Coruña and a fire in an abandoned house | Radio Coruña

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The Lola storm has been heard very loud this morning in A Coruña. Between 8:45 a.m. and 9 a.m. succession of thunder and lightning they have been felt in the city and area. The fall of a power line cable on top of a house on Avenida de A Pasaxe and subsequent fire has been the most prominent incident, according to the Council of A Coruña. The house was abandoned. The alert of firefighters, local police and civil protection remains active in light of the forecast of heavy rains and the high tide of four in the afternoon.

Lola’s balance exceeds forty incidents in the Herculine city. The vast majority on Saturday from three in the afternoon when a real waterspout fell. At many points the sewers were overflowed.

The 41 incidents on Saturday were mostly mild. The most striking images focused on the floods of water from Ronda de Nelle and San Pedro de Mezonzo to the Cuatro Caminos area and Plaza de A Palloza, where important floods. The accumulation of water was also very important on Avenida de Alfonso Molina, at the height of Palavea, San Vicente, Monasterio de Caaveiro, on Avenida de Gran Canaria and Alcalde Marchesi, among other streets where Lola left her mark.

During the night there was a major thunder and lightning storm, which was repeated early this morning. Social networks were flooded with photographs of the storm taken from different parts of A Coruña.

In addition, in the last hours there have been problems in the electricity supply in the municipality of Oleiros, specifically in Perillo.

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Also, at 3:20 p.m. yesterday, gusts of wind of 67 kilometers per hour were recorded, the highest value observed in the community this Saturday.

Most of Galicia enters yellow alert for storms

Most of Galicia is on yellow alert this Sunday for occasionally strong storms that are expected to resume at three in the afternoon.

As detailed by MeteoGalicia, instability will continue to be predominant this Sunday, so storms can occasionally reach a strong intensity.

The affected areas will be the province of A Coruña and the interior and the area of ​​Miño in Pontevedra. Storms are also expected in the province of Lugo, specifically, in A Mariña, the center and the mountain, as well as in the mountain of Ourense.

The yellow alert will be activated in all these areas due to occasionally strong storms from 3:00 p.m. and will remain in effect until 9:00 p.m.

The beginning of this weekend was marked this Saturday by the presence of the squall ‘Lola’ in the Atlantic, which destabilized the weather and led to showers in the west of the peninsula, especially in Galicia.

Cloud cover and rainfall will tend to decrease at the end of the day from south to north. Temperatures will not undergo significant changes. The wind will be light from this component, tending to variable at night.

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