the lonely birthday of a discreet, joking and studious young man

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The 18th birthday of Miguel Urdangarin (19 years old), the third of the four children of the Infanta Cristina (55) e Iñaki Urdangarin (53), it was not celebrated with a party according to what is assumed to be of legal age. The strict confinement in the middle of the pandemic, prevented it. This Friday, April 30, add one more year. And he will not be able to make great excesses either. You will not even be able to get together with your family to even have a family party in small committee. Because, for a few months, he has been living in the United Kingdom, and the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson (56), is prohibited from leaving the country except for reasons of force majeure.

Miguel, a boy very aware of taking care of the oceans, went to London to study university studies in Marine Sciences. A destination far removed from the rest of his brothers: John Valentine (21), the eldest son, lives in the center of Madrid with some friends; Pablo (20), lives in Barcelona, ​​where he tries to gain a foothold in the world of handball, following in his father’s footsteps; and you little Irene (15) still remains with his mother, in Geneva.

Miguel with his parents and siblings in a photo from December 2019.


Of him it is known that he is cheerful and, above all, very joking. A character that has not prevented him from taking his studies very seriously: his record is brilliant, with very good grades and, in addition, he combined ordinary classes with piano lessons, an instrument that is not bad at all and with which he offered concerts at the Ecolint school -there he finished his studies last year and is where his sister Irene continues- that his parents, with admiration, followed from the stalls.

From his environment it has also been stated on many occasions that He is a very educated and even very mature boy. Not only the family circumstances that she had to face at a very early age – the same thing that happened to her siblings – have influenced this fact, but also the constancy with which her parents have been aware of her education.

Likewise, is discreet. There is no known partner and the fact that he has moved abroad makes it easier to guard his privacy with zeal. In social networks, he has a profile on Instagram – @ miguelurbor- that is closed to the general public, to avoid the gazes of the curious. At the moment, it only has one publication, it has 437 followers carefully chosen by him and follows 399 accounts. That is the only accessible information about him in the virtual universe, beyond an account of a discreet fan account created last October and where there are only 11 images of different moments of Miguel’s family and public life.

Miguel Urdangarin celebrates his 19th birthday away from his family


His baptismal godfather is his uncle the king philip (53) and his godmother his aunt Lucía, the least of Iñaki’s brothers. With the king despite the differences that led the monarch to separate his sister Cristina from the royal family, he maintains an accomplice relationship. In fact, shortly after he announced that the Infanta would no longer represent the Crown – that communication was made in June 2017 – Miguel could be seen sailing with Felipe in Majorcan waters. Because sport is another of the activities that have marked his life since childhood, a spirit instilled by Iñaki in all his children. Apart from sailing, he is fluent in skiing, skating and even surfing – this practice is carried out, above all, in his visits to Bidart, the summer resort of the Urdangarin family.

Since childhood he has kept a good relationship with his cousins, at least, in what has been observed in those images of summers in Palma de Mallorca all together, with the Queen Sofia (82) acting as a dedicated grandmother. In the memory are the photos captured by the paparazzi in which he shared water games with Froilán de Marichalar (22). Also enjoying tennis, like when in 2010 Sofia and the Infanta Elena (57) led all the cousins ​​to the dispute of a solidarity meeting between Rafa Nadal (34) and Roger Federer (39).

Together with her mother and her brothers Juan Valentín and Irene after a visit to their grandfather in the hospital.

Together with her mother and her brothers Juan Valentín and Irene after a visit to their grandfather in the hospital.


Miguel, what lost the personal escort last year when he crossed the 18-year-old barrier, will spend this day alone. At least without his family. But, given that extroverted nature, there is no doubt that a friend will have made within the walls of the university to accompany him to air in some pub from the British capital. Next year, perhaps it will be, finally, the one in which he can celebrate a celebration according to a boy his age.

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