The long-awaited feature is coming for everyone

Apple Music already has it and other services already work with this feature. Spotify first had to follow suit and is now doing so. What is meant are displayed lyrics in pieces of music. The function has only been tried out in a few countries, now an official update should make the feature ready for all users, as the streaming service explains in its own blog.

Spotify with lyrics: Update brings expected functionality to other countries

The new feature shows the lyrics to the songs in the app. So you can look it up or sing about it. Whatever you want. The Spotify update will be distributed in batches and should now gradually reach everyone. However, we haven’t been able to try the feature yet. It will probably take a few more days until all countries have been served.

Free accounts can also look forward to the lyrics in the songs. So it is not just reserved for paying premium customers. To feed in the lyrics, the streaming service works with the company Musixmatch. The function is available in the song view if you swipe up there. The lyrics will then be displayed immediately. Whether these will then be available for all songs remains to be seen, but most and especially popular pieces of music should have the feature.

By the way, the lyrics are also available in the desktop and TV app. There you have to click on a microphone icon in the program under Windows, while on the TV app an icon in the top right corner is responsible for fading in the songs. The update should then be available to everyone in the coming days. Depending on how quickly Spotify flips the switch for all countries and markets.