The long-awaited return of Indiana Jones

Harrison Ford hangs up the Indiana Jones whip again. The last time he did it was in 2008 with the, so far, fourth and last installment of the famous archaeologist’s adventures. On this occasion, behind the camera will be the director of “Logan”, James Mangold, instead of Steven Spielberg, who will be one of the producers. According to the information revealed, the new film will hit theaters in the summer of 2022. As the moment approaches, here are some curious facts about the saga to whet your appetite. Now it is unthinkable to associate Indiana Jones with a face other than that of Harrison Ford. However, it was not the only option that was considered. And, according to some media, it was not even the first. In a parallel universe, Jones would have a mustache. A very thick one.

Tom Selleck, protagonist of Magmun PI, was about to put on his brown hat. Rumors say that he did not accept the role, but the actor himself denied it on the David Letterman program. He had done the pilot for the CBS series and auditioned for Indiana Jones. They called him the following week and Lucas and Spielberg told him it was theirs, but the more they talked to the network the more they refused to let him go. Steven sent me a wonderful letter. He said ‘Tom, this should have worked. You can work for me at any time, in fact I owe you a piece of paper, ‘”Selleck said. Apparently Lucas had his doubts about Ford, because he had already worked on other films with him. He did not want to create a relationship like the one established between Martin Scorsese and Robert de Niro: “I was suspicious that we would become like them. I thought: let’s create a new icon, ”the director told Empire publication.

Winks to Star Wars

Indi’s plane in The Riders of the Lost Ark is named after OB-CPO. According to Weekly Entertainment, it was in tribute to Obi-Wan Kenobi and C3-PO, from Lucas’s other creature, Star Wars. In addition, in the Well of Souls, the friendly droids of the saga, C3-PO and R2-D2, appear in the form of a hieroglyph.

In The Temple of Doom, the name of the villain Lao Che’s bar also pays homage to the Jedi. Above the neon of the bar, above the door, another luminous sign was read by Obi Wan. One of the funniest scenes in the movies was the one stemming from Ford’s dysentery while filming in Tunisia. Jones had to face a man who skillfully wielded a sword, but due to his condition, he came up with an alternative. So I proposed to Steven the idea of ​​dispatching this maniac. I hadn’t drawn my gun in the entire movie, so I said, ‘Let’s shoot that bastard.’ And so we did, “Ford told Rolling Stone.

If it is difficult to imagine another face for the archaeologist, it is no less difficult to put another name on it. At first, when Lucas began to spin the story, Indiana, or Henry Jr., the character’s birth name, was going to be called Smith, not Jones. Spielberg was in charge of baptizing him with the surname already known to all.

In Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Spielberg recounted, neither Sean Connery nor Ford wore pants in the scene where they are sitting at the table on the zeppelin. Ford asked Connery if he was thinking of riding without pants, to which he replied, “Well, if I don’t, I’ll stop all the time, because I sweat a lot.” So Ford did the same.