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The Lord of the heavens”Is one of the most important telenovelas of Telemundo. It began to air on April 15, 2013 produced by Argos Comunicación and the international network, presenting a story of action, passion, drama and winning awards such as the International Emmy Award, Premios Tu Mundo and its recognized actors around the world.

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The Telemundo series tells the story of Aurelio Casillas, one of the most important drug traffickers in Mexico in the 90s and is based on the life of the kingpin Amado Carrillo Fuentes. In addition to its action scenes, The Lord of the heavens has shown us a large number of actors and actresses throughout seven seasons.

A year has passed since Telemundo broadcast the last episode of the seventh season of “The Lord of the heavens” And, although the ending left some clues about what could happen in a possible eighth installment, to date it has not been confirmed if there will be new chapters.

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Inside of the The Lord of the heavens, Thomas Goros played Antonio Gárnica, the general who was killed by Aurelio Casillas after having betrayed him. Thomas also played Armando Cantu in the “Club of the crows”, is the one who saved his team from bankruptcy, later staying with the club for himself and his daughter Isabel.

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The Mexican Actor Tomás Goros, plays General Antonio Garnica in “The Lord of the Skies” (Photo: Edomex)

Thomas Goros, actor born in Mexico, on May 6. His most recent role is in the series of Telemundo “The Lord of the heavens”, has been in the series since 2013, “The Patron” (2013) and “Tequila Sunrise” (1988).

Tomás is a renowned actor with a long career in both Mexican and international film and television, with around 30 years of experience in different productions such as “The Lord of the heavens” Y “Club of crows”, also had appearances in “As the saying goes”, “Prisoner no. 1”, “Armed and dangerous”, “The law of god”, “Woman real life cases” Y “The flight of the Eagle”.


Actor Tomás Goros is fighting for his life with Covid 19 (Photo: Tv Notes)
Actor Tomás Goros is fighting for his life with Covid 19 (Photo: Tv Notes)

A few days ago it was confirmed that the actor Thomas Goros was hospitalized for having caught Covid-19Currently the 62-year-old actor has been intubated because his health was complicated by the virus. Your status information was given in the program “The sun rises.”

The actor is hospitalized in the Mexico City, his family has not given details of his condition, but they are waiting for him to Thomas get better to be able to give information about her condition and how her progress with her infection is going, the journalist Ana Maria Alvarado commented that Thomas He is a man who takes care of his health and someone who exercised.


The eighth season of “The Lord of the heavens”Does not yet have an official trailer. For now, you can relive the ending of the previous installment.