The loss of 200,000 yuan of goods at the Wan Chai electrical store was mainly due to some of the lost properties of the former employees of the smartphone police detention

[ Eastern Network Special News]The government is pushing for peace of mind to travel, and smartphones have become popular in this issue, attracting criminals to resell mobile phones for profit. The police received a report on the evening of this Thursday (28th) that a chain electrical appliance store on Johnston Road, Wan Chai, was burgled. The police arrived at the scene and found out after checking the closed-circuit television in the store, they found that the culprit pretended to be a guest from the front entrance. Enter the store, wander in the store for about 10 minutes, enter the locked warehouse when the staff does not notice, then use a hard object to pry open the locked storage cabinet, then start looting and place a batch of goods Enter a red, white and blue plastic bag, and then escape through the main entrance.

After counting by the shop staff, it was confirmed that 38 items were stolen, mainly smartphones, with a total loss of approximately HK$200,000. The case was handed over to the Wan Chai Police District Criminal Investigation Team for follow-up. After in-depth investigation, the officers quickly identified an unemployed man surnamed Chen (32 years old) who is believed to be a former employee of the chain electrical appliance store. He had left his job in 2018. The police then covered up at midnight yesterday (29th). A residential unit in Tsing Yi arrested him on suspicion of “burglary.”

At the same time, after further investigation, the police found that the suspect went to Xianda Plaza in Mong Kok to sell some of the stolen goods on the night after the crime. In addition, the police believe that the suspect was related to an attempted burglary that occurred on a telecommunications company on Yee Wo Street in Causeway Bay on the 20th of this month. The suspect was also a former employee of the company.

The police reminded that thefts and burglaries involving former employees occurred from time to time. Merchants should always be vigilant and change the security measures in the store regularly to prevent thieves from taking advantage of it. In addition, merchants who purchase smartphones must verify the source of the seller’s goods when dealing with people. If the source of the goods is unknown or the price is unreasonably lower than the market price, they should be handled with caution and report to the police to avoid accidentally falling into the law.

Detective Inspector Liang Titao of the Criminal Investigation Team of the Wan Chai Police District stated that the suspect had worked in the above two shops in the last 10 years and will further investigate the whereabouts of other lost properties. It is not ruled out that more stolen goods will be recovered and even more people will be arrested. .

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