POLITICS – A triumph that leaves the dreamy FDJ. Since September 3, it is possible to help French historical monuments in danger … by playing money. An initiative launched by Stéphane Bern – who is even honored on scratch tickets – and who meets a huge success with his scratch game, even before the special draw of the Lotto that will take place this Friday, September 14.


It must be said that the scratch ticket is a bit peculiar, as reported by Le Figaro: it is sold at a price infinitely higher than its competitors (15 euros), so buyers can help financially to monuments located anywhere close to home, but most importantly, the chances of winning are immense. Indeed, one ticket out of three returns is winning, and nearly three quarters of the sums are redistributed to players (a little over 10% go to monuments).


An appointment soon perennial?


Six "Heritage Mission" tickets will each offer 1.5 million euros to their buyer, which has already happened in Gouesnac'h, Finistère, where a 22-year-old woman won the jackpot. And this Friday, a special draw lottery will allow players to win up to 13 million euros, 25% of the bet being donated to the heritage. The President of the FDJ, Stéphane Pallez, estimates in the columns of Figaro that an average of two million people play during these exceptional draws.


This operation should also see its success strengthened by Heritage Days, which take place this weekend in France. On many tourist sites, it will be possible to play by buying FDJ tickets, as at the Ministry of Culture, on the ramparts of Carcassonne or Mont-Saint-Michel.



If it is already planned that the operation be renewed next year and the one after, the president of the Française des Jeux militates for it to be inscribed in the time, as it explains it there again everyday . "I plead for an annual event for heritage," says Stéphane Pallez, "it's a cross-national and unifying cause." A project she will probably defend this Friday, September 14 from Bougival, where she will accompany the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron and Stéphane Bern for an official visit.


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