the M5S will not present its list in Parma, the first fort conquered in 2012-

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The 5 Star Movement renounces the race in the elections of 12 June: «With the Democratic Party an impassable road». With 60.2% Pizzarotti (en route with the M5S and current mayor) was the first mayor of a provincial capital belonging to the 5 Stars

It had been the first major city where the 5 Star Movement had brought home a mayor. In Parma, the 2012 administrations had handed over the mayor’s seat to the pentastellato Federico Pizzarotti (who after breaking up with the M5S ran as an independent in the 2017 elections, obtaining his second term). Now, in the city that had been the symbol of 5-star success, the Movement will not have its list at the Administrative on June 12. The senator announced it Gabriele Lanzi: «Given the importance of the final transition phase and the reorganization process led by Giuseppe Conte, the M5S will not present itself to the Administrations in all the Municipalities of Italy. In Parma we have been carrying out for months the project of a united progressive camp, which is becoming increasingly popular also at the national level, to reach elections with a broad coalition, a credible and alternative pole to the outgoing administration, to overturn a policy sloppy, uncoordinated, contradictory and adverse, in fact, to environmental and social needs and urgencies. Despite this, we had to take note of the impassability of a common path which for us was the prerequisite for being present in this electoral round with a solid proposal for the city of Parma ».

In 2012 Pizzarotti won the ballot with 60.2% and was the first mayor of a provincial capital belonging to the 5 Star Movement. Today the situation in the city, for the party led by former premier Giuseppe Conte, has changed. Pizzarotti, with his Effetto Parma list, has signed an agreement with the Pd for the candidacy of Michele Guerra. Action will not be part of the coalition and will support Dario Costiwhile en route to the dem Michela Canova announced his candidacy with the Parma Democratica list. On the left, Poter al Popolo points up Andrea Buiwhile Roberta Roberti he will run for Parma as a public city. Also on the field Ornament Frame with L’altra Parma e Gaetano Vilnò for Italexit. In the center-right Forza Italia and Lega focus on the former mayor Pietro Vignali (FdI has not yet dissolved the reserve). The former councilor runs from civic Giampaolo Lavagetto.

“The picture that has been defined borders on the improbable – explains Lanzi -: the Democratic Party does not present its own candidate for mayor but chooses one in the field of its opponents; they call it a broad field, a definition that is not sufficient, however, to clarify the real reasons for such a paradoxical choice. They do so while the center-right is forced, for manifest weakness, to propose a candidate for mayor already seen and tested. Two fronts, therefore, that still resemble each other very much due to the strangeness of the paths adopted for the candidacies for mayor and for some structural investment objectives that pursue and protect in the same way, in continuation of what has been done to date by the outgoing administration ” . Senator M5S underlines that “to the different and legitimate reasons that everyone has posed, or had to ask, that led these forces to run alone, we would have preferred to protect the superior reason of a coalition capable of giving a new step to our city . Unfortunately, this goal was missed. In any case, we believe that this is the political area that represents a real possible alternative ».

May 10, 2022 (change May 10, 2022 | 12:07 pm)