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The main accused of the crime of Polop confesses that he helped the daughters of the victim with municipal money | Spain


The relationship between Alejandro Ponsoda, mayor of Polop killed in 2007, and Juan Cano, alleged crime inducer, was not only good. He even transcended the death of his alleged victim. In the trial held at the Audience of Alicante, he has declared that he embezzled municipal funds to help the daughters of the murdered. "I took 3,000 euros from the municipal bank and included them in the payroll of the settlement" of Ponsoda, after his death, "posing as holiday travel expenses," he says. Actually, the amount that was misappropriated went to Ponsoda's daughters, according to their testimony.

It has not been the only crime he has confessed. Cano also states that one year after his death, he helped one of Ponsoda's daughters, Maria, to continue on the City Council's payroll. “Maria had a temporary contract at the Local Development Agency,” recalls Cano. His contract was renewed one day before the crime and, the following year, the one who already served as a new mayor forgot “to notify him of the expiration of the contract, so since then he is a permanent worker of the City Council”. Cano notified his teammates. "I asked them if they let me do what I had to do," he says, "and I did it, even though I could get a trial for prevarication, which I imagine has already prescribed."

Polop's exedil has shown himself as a faithful servant of the murdered mayor. Politically, they always worked side by side, almost always as number one and two, respectively, of the municipal lists. The possible disagreements they could maintain were induced by another faction of their same party, the PP. During his speech, which has closed the turn of statements of the seven accused of orchestrating the death of the mayor of the Alicante town, occurred on October 19, 2007, Cano has been based, practically, on explaining to the prosecutor and the private prosecution their movements in the local board of the PP during successive municipal elections. Because the alleged meeting in which Cano, businessman Salvador Ros and the two heads of the Messalina club, Pedro Hermosilla and Ariel Gatto, commissioned the crime to three hitmen, Raúl Montero Trevejo, Radim Rakowski and Robert Franek, according to the investigation, It has aired in a single response. "Never, with anyone, at any time or anywhere," said plot took place, said the alleged ringleader.

The ex-councilor of Urban Planning and Finance of Polop, calmly and safely, has responded to all parties. The accusation has tried to establish the animosity that, according to the prosecutor's brief, he felt for Ponsoda. And Cano has responded that even in the most difficult moments did such hate exist. Not even when he was relegated from the 2003 municipal lists for an alleged case of extortion from an entrepreneur. "There are misrepresented recordings," he says, "but I was blackmailed." It was he, he continues, who “by choice” resigned from leading the lists with Ponsoda, who at all times gave him his support. And also who asked him to return to the Consistory in the 2007 elections. "Alejandro was always with me or I with him," says Cano.

With the rest of the characters linked to the case, however, the exedil maintains a bad, bad or no relationship. Hermosilla, owner of the club where the crime was allegedly planned, met him in 2001, when the owner of the Messalina “processed a mortgage” at the Caja Mediterráneo (CAM) office where Cano worked as a director. Afterwards, there was no more deal. Neither with him, nor with Gatto or the three supposed material authors, whom he claims not to know.

As for Ros, footwear entrepreneur with whom he plotted the crime, according to the case, the thing was even worse. "I met him in the mid-80s," he says, "when he opened a shoe store in Polop." They never got along. “He is a very nervous boy who wanted what he asked to be done right away,” says Cano. "We fell bad from the start." Something very different from what happened between Ros and Ponsoda, who got along. "Alejandro went to visit my brother in Toledo after suffering an accident in which he was paraplegic, to lend him a hand," Ros evoked, visibly moved. Cano has ratified this meeting in his testimony.

All statements have followed a similar course. Those involved have answered all parties, except Gatto and Ros, who have declined to respond to the accusations, because, according to both, "they try to confuse the jury and lie to the press." The speech has always been the same. The meeting that the Civil Guard places in the Messalina did not take place. No one felt special inquisition against Ponsoda. Among them there is no link beyond the labor. And, in fact, Hermosilla did not like the behavior of her partner Gatto "at the beginning" or her "friendships, which could cause problems because they were drug users." All aimed at dismantling the brotherhood among the defendants that could lead to collusion against the victim.

The only link is his contempt for the protected witness, who uncovered the alleged plot, the best asset of the accusation, which he declares tomorrow before the jury. Of him they have said that he maintained a labor conflict with the owners of Messalina and that the year after the crime he was fired for not fulfilling his obligations. According to Gatto, "he began to drink and did not exercise the functions for which he had been hired" because he was living "a bad time" with his partner at the time, a Russian bride who, all have counted, maintained relations at the same time with one of the defendants, Robert Franek. Too many pending accounts that could lead him to invent “a science fiction story” against them, according to the defenders.

"We are here because a cause has been mounted that does not exist," Montero Trevejo said in his statement. In this they are also all together. Both the story of the protected witness and the entire criminal network is an original script by the agents of the Central Operating Unit (UCO) of the Civil Guard. Some "scoundrels, gentuza," according to Cano.

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