Saturday, 21 Apr 2018

The majority of Cyril Melchior strengthens


DEPARTMENT. If he has not accepted the post of vice – president, Rémy Lagourgue announces that he joined the new majority in the Department, rendering the passage. Other supporters of Jean-Claude Lacouture could follow.

In an interview given to the’JIR last week (our edition of the 20/12), Jean-Paul Virapoullé announced that “already 5 colleagues who voted Lacouture said, we are in the majority with you.” And to predict a redial “on the basics of the platform (to the right, editor’s NOTE)”. It is not known if he was gone, but Wednesday it is Remy Lagourgue, who has announced his rallying to the new majority found the site Zinfos 974. Old 13th vice-president, Rémy Lagourgue had voted for Jean-Claude Lacouture. It indicates, however, having refused one of the two positions of vice-president left vacant by the new majority. With the other advisor of the département Sainte-Marie, Mary-Line Soubadou, now 8th vice-president, the two elected officials of the city are now sitting at the side of Cyril Melchior and Jean-Marie Virapoullé while the mayor was still there a little one of the pillars of the Region as the 1st vice-president. A position that he should leave, the law on the non-cumulation requires.

With this rally, the new majority is increasing. As a reminder, only two votes separated the two candidates. Contacted, Remy Lagourgue states having warned previously his father of his decision. In his eyes, the election is complete, “It must end with the postures of petty politicking and think of the interest of the voters, I had always said that whatever the result I will not be a representative of the opposition in order to carry out the action that I have committed for 2015, and there is a lot to do. In politics there is a respect toward the voters and the population.” He wants to keep his “free will” and “freedom of thought” : “I am not inserted anywhere, and I am not subservient to any party or political apparatus”. This is in spite of “all the respect that I have for Didier Robert.” He refutes the label “elected rebellious” and regrets that “this battle of ego between political leaders, the image returned by the right is not good”.

He called for a gathering of the right: “I was hoping that after the election the group is found on the basis of the photo of 2015 but this is not the case, I am uncomfortable in this posture”.

With this agreement, he meets his delegation at the heritage. According to a source close to the new majority others are expected to follow : “By 15 January of the majority of Cyril Melchior will be strengthened and strong”, we predicted a connoisseur of political life.

And we invite them to look at the side of St. Paul or of Salazie… that refutes a source, this time close to the advisor, departmental Isabelle Payet: “It was voted Lacouture and refused the post of vice-president that has been proposed”.

Asked about rumours of friction between him and the president of the Region, Stephane Fouassin categorically denies : “Everything is going well with Didier Robert.” Same report with Jean-Paul Virapoullé “that I respect”.

The returned policy, the Region in the lead, should reserve a lot of surprises.

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