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The Mamotest company will expand to Latin America after having successful results in Misiones

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The Mamotest company, together with the government of the province, made Misiones apply positively this public-private health and technology system to optimize breast cancer diagnosis and treatment processes.

The challenge set by this company and the provincial government was to ensure that all women in Misiones have access to a mammogram per year. As of its implementation in 2017, the number of mammograms performed in the province increased sixfold.

This public-private collaboration serves as an example and a model to be replicated by new governments that focus their efforts on improving the health of their population using technology as a tool.

The founder and CEO of the Mamotest company, Guillermo Pepe, highlighted that “there is a high correlation between high-quality early diagnosis and survival rates: the latter are up to 90% when cancer is detected at an early stage . Not only does early detection save lives, it also saves money, since a dollar invested in diagnosis translates into a savings of 10 dollars in later treatment ”. Mamotest’s system proved to be successful and to provide large-scale solutions.

This work is applied effectively because Mamotest provides technology and professionals of excellence and the government of Misiones provides the resources to ensure that as many women as possible attend the care centers.. Early diagnosis is vital, since the possibilities of cure depend on it.

Argentina is the third country with the highest incidence of breast cancer in the region and the fourth in mortality rate. Studies affirm that 1 in 8 women will have breast cancer in their lifetime. Prevention is known to be the best tool. Under this banner, the American multinational MSD (known as Merck & Co. Inc) and Banco Comafi successfully bet on the Mamotest network to grow this solution in the region and inspire new standards of care and access.

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“At MSD we are committed to contributing to the improvement of health and addressing inequities in health care for people in Latin America. Our investment in Mamotest helps more women take care of their health and contributes to a robust and sustainable health ecosystem in the region, ”stated Carmen Villar, Vice President of Social Business Innovation at MSD.

The mammography network company’s deep focus on social and economic impact was also recently recognized by the United Nations, who selected Mamotest as one of four global companies to drive healthcare technology solutions at the Geneva Financial Summit in November 2021.


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