Former racer Ron Easton climbed onto his roof with a bucket of tools late last month, but was stuck.

Marine Drive at Bigbury-on-Sea
Marine Drive at Bigbury-on-Sea, where Mr. Easton supposedly lived

A 102-year-old man died after being trapped on the roof of his house for three days.

Ron Easton climbed the roof of his Bigbury-on-Sea home in Devon late last month with a bucket full of tools. After a fall or collapse, however, he was stuck, said Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue.

According to the Devon Live news service, he had tried to fix his antenna.

A friend had called 999 after discovering unopened milk bottles in front of his house.

Mr. Easton had been found lying on a garden rake with the tools next to him, the rescue service said.

At the time he had been taken to the hospital.

The former racer – known as Ton-Up Ron – died on Friday, according to a Twitter account for Kingsbridge Police, calling him a "local legend".


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