The man became gay after using painkillers

The man became gay after using painkillers

Absolutely not the side effect of the anesthetic was received by 21-year-old Scott Perti, who claims that after drinking the course of the drug, he became a homosexual.
The medicinal product was prescribed to him after the fracture of the leg. When the guy began to take medicine, he felt that he was less attracted to women, but interest in men increased many times. As a result, he decided to part with his girlfriend. « I did not immediately understand what was the matter here. However, if I had to completely stop taking the medicine for a few weeks, then I noticed that I was not attracted to men any more “- said Perdi. Despite this, the man did not completely abandon the drug, because with him he is sincerely “content with his own sexuality” and feels himself as open as possible to everything new. Perdi, as journalists found out, was taking pregabalin, which is used to treat anxiety disorder and pain not related to physical damage, which is otherwise called neuropathic. More than 1% of those who take this drug complain about erectile dysfunction and decreased libido. Nikolay Ofitserov

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