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The man fled from a deadly Florida crash to house drugs at home, police say

One man told the police that he had fled a fatal crash in southern Florida because he had gone home to stash his drugs.

Police arrested 37-year-old Terrance Pressey last week after telling the authorities he had killed a pedestrian in Dania Beach, Florida last fall, but he went home to "dump his weed" instead of seeing whether the person was okay was a newly published detention report.

Madhusudhan Bhetwal, 53, died at the scene of the accident when Pressey hit his white Dodge Charger on the man as he crossed the road, police said.

The authorities said Pressey dialed 911 after leaving the crash site and told the dispatcher that he had beaten someone, a police report from ABC News on Tuesday said. He was still phoning 911 when he returned to the scene.

"When the caller arrived back at the scene, he seemed to be telling what he was watching when he got back to the scene, saying," They're looking at him now … they're doing CPR, "the arrest report says.

PHOTO: Terrance Pressey was arrested in connection with a deadly South Florida. Sheriff's office in Broward
Terrance Pressey was arrested in connection with a deadly South Florida.

Witnesses said they heard the impact of the crash and saw the driver "braked on the road." A witness said the driver's door had opened, then closed and the driver had fled, according to the report.

The suspect initially stated that he had left the place to drop off his passenger, according to the report. Later, he changed his story and admitted that he was alone and had to go home to "give his grass," the report said.

The police told Pressey that he had seen the body of the victim on the windshield, but continued after the impact.

"Pressey reported having secured the marijuana in his home before it crashed again and called 911," police said in the report.

After taking the suspect's testimony to the scene, an officer said that they drove Pressey home, where he reportedly "volunteered a small amount of marijuana," according to the arrest report.

Pressey was arrested last Thursday. He was charged with leaving the scene of a deadly crash and possession of marijuana. On Wednesday he was held in a bond of $ 20,000. The authorities did not explain why they waited about five months for their arrest.



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