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The man "threw himself on the plane" to raise money for Mrs. Keera Brayford

A man threw himself off a plane in a sponsored skydive for a woman who had faked with her friends and family that she had terminal cancer.

And a benevolent charity organizer cried comfortingly when he saw 25-year-old Keera Brayford dancing in her name at her charity night.

Other generous donors expressed their anger that vital resources were prevented from doing so for real, worthy purposes because of the sociology teacher's lies.

The Whiston woman barely avoided being imprisoned in the Liverpool Crown Court jail for six months, telling trusting friends and family that she had three types of tumors.

Adam Walsh was the man who managed to raise £ 2,000 from his parachute jump for the Knowsley Con Artist.

Keera Brayford in front of the Crown Court of Liverpool.
Keera Brayford in front of the Crown Court of Liverpool.

Bob Howard, of the Prison Service Charity Fund, was picked up by Brayford's criminal plot and helped her raise more money. The judge, recorder Kate Cornell, said Brayford had shown "shameful behavior" and the money she put in her pocket might be made available to "potentially life-saving medical equipment".

Helen Greenop, who led the WIKED group (Whiston Inclusive Knowsley Educational Dance), raised £ 2,400 for Brayford.

A man cheated on Brayford's lies said, "I feel empty and completely ashamed, I'll have to apologize [to donors]… that never happened to me … I was completely absorbed.

"I feel cheated and ashamed, I hope this callous act does not mean that people will not help [charities] in the future."

Screengrabs from the JustGiving site by Keera Brayford

According to Mrs. Recorder Cornell, yesterday at Liverpool Crown Court, Cedar Road Brayford barely avoided imprisonment so she could run free by imposing a probationary sentence and the former Thomas Sutton Academy as a curfew and electronic tag use St Helen's schoolteacher.

In an JustGiving account, around £ 10,000 of donated funds are blocked and not lost.

But Brayford has already spent £ 8,000-9,000 to buy clothing from fashion website Very.co.uk and settle their credit card debt.

Judge Cornell added: "These other £ 8,000 have been spent by you and you have apparently expressed a desire to repay these amounts …

"Start right now, this was a scam that lasted months [between March and September] with significant planning …

Screengrabs from the JustGiving site by Keera Brayford
Screengrabs from the JustGiving site by Keera Brayford

"They have misused the trust in an unpleasant way … In terms of harm, this was a high-impact crime that had the serious impact of possibly removing money from real causes.

"They have no cancer, but have other illnesses, including debilitating arthritis, their scams can not be excused, but I see that you have other medical problems that are real.

"You are vulnerable and you have been forced to love and desire the expressions of care … because it was like a drug to you.

"This was a sophisticated deception based on the goodwill of people … it is absolutely shameful behavior."

Judge Cornell also raised all the arguments that her sentence should be perceived as weak and described her sentence as "punitive".

Brayford's mother and dad attended the court and sat in the public gallery with a stony face, while their daughter's lying was revealed to all.



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