The man who looks half his age thanks to diet and fitness

Chuando Tan, a former model became a social media star when it was discovered that she is over 50 but looks half as old. Its secret? Diet, sport and …

Eugenio Spagnuolo

Chuando Tan is a Singapore photographer who has attracted the attention of the whole world not so much for the photos he takes of other people as for his self-portraits. Why? Chuando was born on March 3, 1966, so today he is 55 years old, but it looks like he’s 30 – just look at the photos to understand – despite never having resorted to plastic surgery (at least so he says). But if the scalpel is not his secret, then what is it?

In the past years, intrigued by the Chuando phenomenon, which has been grinding followers on Instagram since 2015 (it has 1 million and 100 thousand), the media have tried to find out how he managed to stop time. Who managed to snatch an interview from him, Tan explained that its physical appearance is the result of good habits assimilated at a young age. Diet, sport, skin care and …

Chuando Tan’s diet

Tan espoused the principle that man is what he eats. He believes that a person’s health conditions, as well as his appearance, depend 70% on the food he assimilates and 30% on training. That is why it is granted 6 eggs for breakfast with only 2 egg yolks (due to cholesterol) along with a glass of milk and sometimes avocado and berries. A large dose of protein and energy for the start of the day. Eat for lunch chicken with rice, grilled vegetables or fish soup. Very few sugars, even if he admits that ice cream is his weakness and sometimes he allows it, but only in the first half of the day. And he loves durian, a fruit appreciated in the East for its nutritional properties, despite the not exactly reassuring smell. He drinks a lot of water, but avoids coffee, tea, and alcohol. She does not smoke and eats a salad made from fresh vegetables for dinner. Then it is held away from food for at least 5/6 hours before going to bed. At most he allows himself a snack of 10 almonds.

Chuando Tan’s training

At the gym, Tan, who is 1.85m tall and weighs around 82kg, goes there whenever he can: between 3 and 5 times a week. Spend no more than 30 minutes on weights. And strength training, important for maintaining muscle, is always followed by cardio; however, due to a knee injury, he is not jogging but walking briskly on a treadmill. Also, try to swim every day: in the evening he goes to the pool and stays there for about an hour. Fitness – as he has stated several times – is a way of life for him: he started training when he was very young and he vowed to do it as long as his body allows it.

Plastic surgery? No thanks

The haters, who occasionally appear on his Instagram profile, insinuate that this modern Dorian Gray owes a debt of gratitude to aesthetic medicine. When asked about it, Tan revealed that he tried botox once but didn’t like the effect. He hasn’t visited cosmetologists since. However, does not mind hair dye to cover gray hair. She doesn’t use any other tricks, except one that’s super easy to put into practice: “I have sensitive skin,” he revealed. “That’s why there are only 2 things I use on a daily basis: facial cleansing gel and moisturizer“The Strait Times reporter who met him confirms:”her complexion is flawless. His skin is firm and spotless and I see no shadows under his sunken eyes even though he went to bed late. And, I can guarantee, she doesn’t use foundation“. In fact, if you look closely, you will find that Tan also has wrinkles around his eyes. Hiding them are Ray-Ban glasses in Clark Kent style, a barrier to his presbyopia: yes, he too is human.

Chuando Tan’s secret

Apart from a genetic makeup that deserves to be studied and the photographer’s wisdom in using the right lights also for self-portraits, Chuando Tan has a secret: does not go to bed after 11pm and wakes up early in the morning. According to him, working at night or wasting time in front of the TV is not good for your health. IS to sleep well, stop eating 5-6 hours before going to bed. “Trust me, it’s worth going to bed early. After getting enough sleep, you will be able to do more things during the day rather than work at night. “

Who is chuando Tan

It was in the 1980s when 16-year-old Chuando Tan embarked on a modeling career in his native Singapore. A few years later, in his early twenties he even managed to become a pop singer. But his musical career didn’t take off so Tan chose another activity: photography. Until in 2015, instead of publishing his work, he posted a selfie on Instagram and Chuando-mania broke out. Newspapers from around the world have attracted attention to the phenomenon, from the New York Post to the Daily Mail which put its readers to the test with this title: “The male model from Singapore who challenges the aging process with sculpted abs and facial skin from Child. Can you guess how old he is? ”No one seems to have succeeded. Today Tan is in his fourth life as an actor. But no fifty-year-old roles for him: it wouldn’t be believable.