The man who took command of the Russian army. Who is Alexander Dvornikov?

General Alexander Dvornikov, who has extensive experience in the fighting in Syria, will take command of Russian invading forces in Ukraine.

His main task will be to improve coordination between the troops, which has been simple and bad since the invasion on February 24, the BBC News portal wrote today, citing an unnamed Western official.

Zero coordination

“Coordination between the various headquarters was really bad,” stated the source of that information. According to him, this was because Russian forces were not trained for such work.

It was therefore decided that the Commander of the Southern Military District, Dvornikov, would take over the management of the operation in order to ensure better coordination.

“This particular commander has a lot of experience with Russian operations in Syria. We therefore expect overall command and control to improve.” said the quoted official to the newly appointed commander of the Russian invasion forces, General Dvornikov.

May deadline

The official pointed out that Moscow will try to achieve some success by May 9, ie in the annual celebrations of the defeat of Nazi Germany in World War II. Thus, political priorities take precedence over military priorities.

Russian troops are withdrawing from northern Ukraine and regrouping. According to Ukrainian officials, backed by Western intelligence, the aggressor is preparing for a powerful blow to the east and south of Ukraine.

The daily Ukrainian Truth wrote that General Dvornikov, awarded the title of Hero of the Russian Federation in 2016, served in the North Caucasus Military District from 2000 to 2003 as Chief of Staff and took part in the war in Chechnya. He was appointed commander of the Russian Armed Forces in Syria in September 2015.