The man who took his uncle’s body to the post office to collect his pension: I thought he was alive

“He was sick but I didn’t know he was dead,” said Declan Haughney, the man who, along with a friend, took his uncle’s dead body to the post office for retirement.

Declan Haughney continues to proclaim himself innocent, the man who, together with a friend, he took his uncle’s body to a post office Irish to collect the relative’s pension last Friday. “He was sick but I didn’t know he was dead, I thought he was still alive ”the protagonist of the story that shocked the local community of Carlow, south of the capital Dublin, told investigators. For now, the police have not issued any restrictive measures against the 40-year-old but the man remains under investigation for the crime of fraud. “Why should I rob my uncle? I am 40 years old, I am not a child, nor a kid, ”he explained to the Irish Mirror, adding:“ I am not an idiot to go into the post office with a dead man to collect his money. I’m not crazy “.

Declan Haughney keeps repeating that he did not realize that his uncle Peadar Doyle, 66, was already dead when he and another man dragged him on foot from his home to the nearby post office to collect his pension. According to his story, it was his uncle who asked him to take a pension for him because he was ill and for this reason, after the first refusal of the employees, he thought of carrying his uncle on his shoulder to carry him in person. “They accuse me because I had drug problems in the past but I have been out of it for a long time,” added the forty-year-old who in the past was also in prison for cheating an aunt by stealing her credit card. The man said he was also attacked following the accusations against him.

However, witnesses deny his version of events. In fact, some residents saw him and his friend drag the 66-year-old with their feet on the ground all the time and even in the post office they immediately realized that the pensioner was already dead. Not only that, according to the first findings of the coroner, the man had probably been dead for a few hours already when it was brought to the post office. However, the police believe it is a natural death and confirmed that there is no evidence to indicate a suspected death, so the investigation now focuses only on the absurd transport of the body to the post office.