The man with whom Amparo Grisales celebrated the day of love and friendship

Amparo Grisales is one of the most recognized women in the country, due to the solid career she has built in the media over the years. Also, thanks to his participation in various projects and productions, his name is catapulted to fame, earning the title of Colombian Diva.

In addition, the actress from Manizales has dazzled with her beauty, since at 65 she has managed to maintain, thus being the center of attention in the different productions in which he participates.

After the celebration of the Day of Love and Friendship passed, it was known with whom the actress shared and with what people she was surrounded during said celebration. Amparo’s sister, who is also an actress, Patricia Rosales, shared some photos of her on her personal Instagram account, where she showed the way in which she and her sister had celebrated this date and with whom they had surrounded themselves.

The man with whom Amparo Grisales shared was not with whom she was seen lately and with whom it is believed that she would have a long-distance relationship, she gave priority to friendship, on this occasion, and celebrated with her great friend Ernesto Calzadilla.

Both, since they met on the show My name is, they established a friendship where each one has shown their unconditional support to the other; In addition, they tend to share trips, Christmas and other types of festivities that show the affection and gratitude that one feels for the bull.

Although little is said about the intimate life of the interpreter, at the beginning of this month, September, a possible new love for Grisales was mentioned before a couple of photographs in which she can be seen lying on a man’s chest, which, according to her, “is called Tommy and is of Brazilian nationality.”

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Likewise, Grisales affirmed in different interviews that they see each other whenever they can, since she goes to Brazil or he comes to Colombia, which is not an impediment to a good relationship, according to Grisales.

“I have that love that lives in Brazil, we live a beautiful relationship at a distance and whenever we can we see each other,” he told the magazine there. In addition, in the publication he commented: “I don’t have an Oscar, but I do have a Tommy. Being in love is the best.

They return trend to Amparo Grisales after the death of Queen Elizabeth II

Buckingham Palace, which is the main authority in the United Kingdom, confirmed on Thursday, September 8, the death of Queen Elizabeth II at the age of 96. He also indicated that the monarch died in complete peace in her house in Balmoral, located in Scotland.

The state of health of the monarch had worsened in recent months due to the fact that the mobility problems she had were becoming more marked. However, she continued with her daily activities.

The death of Queen Elizabeth II provoked a wave of reactions in different parts of the world. Even the BBC in London interrupted its usual broadcast to announce her death.

However, several Internet users in Colombia took advantage of this unfortunate news to share dozens of memes from other public figures and The actress Amparo Grisales became a trend, who received ridicule and sarcastic comments on social networks.

On Twitter, users launched different jokes regarding the age of the artist from Caldas (65 years old), since she has remained in force on the public scene for more than five decades.