The man won 36 million lottery tickets and “asked his cousin to collect it on his behalf, but he was swallowed alone.” The result of the angry lawsuit was announced | International | CTWANT

A man in China entrusted his cousin with the winning lottery ticket, only to get it all by himself. (Picture / flip from Weibo)

Even relatives and family members may have disputes over money. There is a man in Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province, China. He bought a lottery ticket and won 8 million RMB (approximately NT$36 million). At that time, because he was busy with work, he asked his cousin to accept the prize instead. Unexpectedly, his cousin took the prize money all by himself and was arrested by a police officer. Take it to court, and the verdict is exposed.

It is reported that the man bought a lottery ticket in December 2021 and won the first prize. He originally planned to go to receive the prize with his cousin, but because of the need for epidemic prevention and control, only one person was allowed to receive the prize, so he entrusted his cousin to collect it on his behalf. After the bonus was credited, the cousin took possession of RMB 1.19 million in the account and was sued by the man.

After the court trial, the cousin was sentenced to repay a total of 1.2 million RMB. However, after the execution of the case, the cousin still failed to fulfill the repayment obligation. Therefore, the court took compulsory measures of judicial detention for him in accordance with the law. Finally, the family members performed the repayment obligation on their behalf and paid off on the spot. 1.2 million RMB. Because the cousin evaded execution by concealing the transfer of property, the act was suspected of a crime and has been transferred to the police for investigation.

As soon as the news came out, it triggered heated discussions. Many netizens bombarded: “This cousin, I am also convinced”, “What a broken cousin”, but some people wondered why they didn’t accept the award by themselves, “It’s such a good thing to let Others do it”, “The reason for the epidemic is that only one person can receive the award, so I don’t go by myself and let my cousin go, I still can’t understand. Could it be that this cousin was tested positive at the time and was quarantined?”