The manager of the Kamtian petrol station cat vomits and dies. Volunteers are hoping to find justice for cats

[Animal News]Animals do not know how to speak, and they need people to help them speak for justice. A very cute and well-behaved cat shopkeeper in Kam Tin, Yuen Long, who often enters and exits three petrol stations, suddenly foamed at the corner of the Sinopec petrol station on Kam Tin Road at 2 am on October 27. He passed out by volunteers from the “Cat and Dog Gas Station” When Gloria was taken to the veterinary clinic, the cat could no longer withstand his death. Gloria suspected that the cat was poisoned and died, but the petrol station staff pointed out that the closed-circuit television did not see the suspicious person. She urged that if anyone witnessed the suspicious person contacting the cat from the evening of October 26th to the early morning of the 27th, please contact “Cats and Dogs Gas Station” hopes to be fair to cats.

When the police responded to this newspaper’s query, they stated that they received a report from a volunteer surnamed Lu Nan at 2:36 am on October 27, stating that a cat’s body was found on Kam Tin Highway in Pat Heung. Police officers arrived at the scene to conduct preliminary investigations and search the closed-circuit television images. The incident did not involve criminal elements, and the case was classified as an animal carcass discovery.

Gloria told the newspaper that according to petrol station staff, Mao Mao was a cat from the petrol station more than 6 years ago. He has been living at three petrol stations in Kam Tin. Many drivers have seen him and described the cat as being very gentle and cute. She loves to be close, and the staff feeds cats at ordinary times. She has also seen cats several times.

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However, Mao Shou received a petrol station job request at 2 a.m. on October 27, saying that the cat suddenly fainted and foamed at the mouth. Mao Shou was handling another request for help, so he contacted Gloria to the scene. Gloria described that Maomao was dying and had a weak heartbeat, which seemed to be poisoned. She took Maomao to the veterinary clinic, but Maomao died shortly after arriving.

She said that the petrol station staff were still playing with cats at 12 o’clock that night. Cats were healthy and lively at the time, but two hours later, they suddenly vomited and died. The situation was not like a heart attack, but more like a poisoning. Mao Shou immediately called the police when he learned about it. Gloria also called the gas station supervisor, but the other party claimed that no suspicious person appeared on the CCTV screen.

She said: “Hopefully, drivers who have filled in gas at this petrol station after about 8 p.m. on October 26, if they find a suspicious person, or if a suspicious person feeds a cat in the car’s cam, please contact the cat and dog petrol station. The cat shop manager rests well, hoping to give you justice.”

She also said frankly that many people think this kind of cat shopkeeper is very cute and like to play with them, but in fact, cat shopkeepers are also risky. They may rush out of the road or be hurt by others at any time. Take her home, you won’t have to wander around at the petrol station, and you won’t die like this.”

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The cat shop manager of the Kamtian petrol station is very cute and beautiful, and is loved by petrol station staff and customers. Unfortunately, she suddenly died recently.


Volunteer Gloria took Maomao to the veterinary clinic

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