The managers of Castel Bay in Hyères placed in police custody

The two main partners at the head of a reception area “le Castel Bay” in Hyères were taken into custody on Monday by the police to be heard in connection with a case of “nuisance to public peace by noise“. Since the start of operation in June, complaints from surrounding residents have multiplied, evoking a very abnormally high sound volume. There are about twenty at this stage of the investigation. Patients from two hospitals have also suffered these nuisances.

The setting is idyllic and the building sumptuous. Investors who have taken over the property have gone to great lengths to make the location the perfect venue for hosting weddings or events. festive events of all kinds in a three hectare park overlooking the bay of Almanarre. Moreover, a music festival was organized in mid-July for three days.

Three days of hell

But if music lovers have undoubtedly enjoyed themselves, the inhabitants have not closed their eyes during those same three days. And it didn’t stop there. The evenings have multiplied. “Some weeks it was every day. Some others only on weekends and the music was so loud that some locals more than a mile away could hear everything“underlines a close to the file.

To the extent that complaints have multiplied, up to twenty at this stage of the investigation. This situation is all the more alarming as the residents of the Léon-Bérard hospital and the Pomponiana functional rehabilitation center were also disturbed by these sound attacks, in particular the building which accommodates children with multiple disabilities.

Several alerts

However, the managers have been warned several times that the noise level was not tolerable. The police have come to signal that it has to stop. “Efforts have been made, but not enough“indicates a source familiar with the matter. Especially since neighborhood disturbance can quickly degenerate.”And it is not because we invest money in a place that we can feel legitimate to rot the lives of others“concludes someone close to the case.

The two men were therefore placed in custody Monday to explain and then released Tuesday the time of the continuation of the preliminary investigation. The offense for “nuisance to public peace by sound aggression” is an offense punishable by one year in prison and several tens of thousands of euros.