“The Masked Singer”: Hammerhead shark unmasked at TMS – there is a soccer world champion in the costume

  • On Saturday episode two of “The Masked Singer” ran.
  • This time Janin Ullmann sat on the jury alongside Ruth Moschner and Rea Garvey.
  • The hammerhead shark had to go – a soccer world champion from 1990 was hiding in the costume. The ticker for reading.

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11:40 pm: And with that we say goodbye to the ticker. See you next week, dear TMS fans.

11:38 pm: Hammer. Really awesome. We didn’t expect that. And who knew? Exactly. Ruth Moschner. “I was in a good mood immediately when the hammerhead shark came on stage,” she says. And she knew immediately: I know him!

11:27 pm: And in the hammerhead costume: Pierre Littbarski! How great. “It was more exhausting than Rome,” said the 1990 world champion.

“The Masked Singer” in the live ticker: Who is in the hammerhead shark?

11:22 p.m .: With that the hammerhead shark is out. Wasn’t really a shark class singer either.

11:22 pm: Stinky is on!

11:22 pm: Skunk or hammerhead shark. Who has to go

11:20 pm: And further is: LOTTI!

11:19 pm: No matter who of them is thrown out now – it definitely doesn’t hit the wrong person.

11:08 pm: Is it actually a bad sign if you no longer get upset about the twelve advertising blocks, but simply surrender to your fate?

Who is TMS ended for? These candidates wobble:

11:04 pm: Axolotl, hammerhead shark, skunk wiggle – who has to go?

11:03 pm: Imagine being allowed to take part in “The Masked Singer” – and then you can only be seen as an online mask. Runs.

11:02 pm: And further are: the caterpillar and the phoenix.

10:56 p.m .: Ruth taps the flower. Among other things. Rea to Vanessa Mai. And Anke Engelke.

10:51 pm: 100 percent Sandy Mölling. And the other three pairs of feet are from Lucy, Nadja and Jessi.

10:51 pm: “Evidence forever,” says Rea Garvey. Seems like these … “hints … don’t just take our nerves off.

10:37 pm: Mario Basler? Really, Rea Garvey?

10:35 pm: Ruth Moschner expresses what everyone thinks: “If that is Samuel Koch, that would be absolutely blatant.” But she throws a not entirely unexciting name into the room: Alexander Gerst.

10:33 pm: So dear phoenix. You are not a singer. But that came from the bottom of my heart – and was therefore touching. We’re still somehow with Samuel Koch …

10:30 p.m .: And Ruth cries in three, two, one …

10:16 pm: Ruth taps Ilka Bessin and Ralf Schmitz (of course, why not). The others say Martina Hill and Anke Engelke.

10:14 p.m .: Colleague is just throwing Andrea Sawatzky into the room as Lotti. Thanks, Thommy!

10:13 pm: So with the axolotl we are bare. Man? Mrs? Everything possible.

10:08 pm: “How do you behave towards a very loving Mexican salamander?” A sentence that we never thought we would hear on German TV.

10:06 pm: Who is next? The heroine! And of course MÜLLI! For whom we have a lot of love, by the way. You hardly notice it.

9:56 pm: Yikes Advertising. We’ll take care of the housekeeping …

TMS in the live ticker: Matthias Opdenhövel hands out against Rea Garvey – he quarrels back

9:50 pm: “Elif has hair like Rea,” shares Matthias Opdenhövel against Rea. “That we still talk at all …”, Rea quarrels, offended. By the way, Ruth thinks of Sandra Nasic, Janin of Jeannine Michaelsen and Jana Pallaske.

9:48 pm: Rea taps Elif. But … but that’s Christina Stürmer ?! Or? OR???

9:45 pm: Can’t you send heroine and Mülli straight to the final?

9:29 pm: Ruth taps Pierre Littbarski for the hammerhead shark. The rest: Atze Schröder, Elton.

9:25 pm: “Entertainment factor 1,000 percent,” says Rea. But he just can’t sing. But he doesn’t have to either.

9:22 pm: Has ProSieben set up a brainstorming team that only comes up with shark puns?

9:16 pm: When it comes to Mülli Müller, the jury picks Alexander Klaws and Stefan Mross.

9:12 pm: Somehow, Mülli sounds like Rea. But … will be difficult.

9:10 pm: MÜLLI <3<3<3!

And it wobbles …

9:03 pm: Who is wobbling? The pug is already on. Ui – and the teddy. We didn’t expect that at all. So the skunk is wobbling.

8:52 pm: Oh. Advertising. Phew Lucky

8:51 pm: TMS has been running for almost three quarters of an hour and there has been no advertising yet – this is no longer our “The Masked Singer”!

8:47 pm: It’s unbelievable that they really prepared a photo of Frank-Walter Steinmeier. The other tips: Joko, Carsten Maschmeyer and Ralph Caspers.

8:44 pm: How cute – the black and white skunk sings “Black or White”. The quality is more like that … yeah … Singstar evening with friends after seven beers. How can you give a Michael Jackson song to someone who can’t sing?!?! ??? 111

8:28 pm: The jury picks Palina Rojinski, Cathy Hummels, Shirin David.

8:37 pm: Can’t you just put a nipple board in place instead of Ruth Moschner, as Stefan Raab had back then? After all, they are always the same sayings that they pull out … “I know you!”, “I know this voice 1,000 percent”, …

“The Masked Singer” in the live ticker: Candidate makes a weird appearance – was that it for the teddy?

8:33 pm: Are we leaning too far out the window when we say Teddy is probably flying? It’s a very … weird performance. Especially for the ears.

8:32 pm: Who still finds it cringe when the audience claps along to the beat? Anyone?

8:31 pm: It’s sad how loving these circumstantial clips are – but nobody buckles what ProSieben wants to tell us with them. Not even when it is resolved.

8:29 pm: Oh no – and now again the “cemetery of the cuddly toys” feeling. We already have nightmares.

8:28 pm: Ruth Moschner is not Ruth Moschner at all, she says herself. We say: yes. Unfortunately.

8:25 pm: By the way, Rea Garvey guesses Jeanette Biedermann or Yvonne Catterfeld as the pug. Ruth tries to explain why that has to be true. But nobody really gets what she means. Janin Ullmann taps Rebecca Mir.

8:23 pm: The pug – more confident than last week.

8:21 pm: Do you actually always watch the news in advance to see who is definitely NOT there?

8:19 pm: What is Janin Ullman wearing? A Stabilo pen jacket?

8:15 pm: And let’s go. By the way, here you can read the live ticker for episode 1 of TMS again.

The masked singer costumes at a glance

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