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The massive accident of the Tour de France 2021

by archyw
  • During the first stage of the Tour de France, a fan caused a huge accident due to a cartel that took most of the peloton ahead.
  • Tour de France organizers have said they will sue the woman who produced the mass accident.

    The French Julian Alaphilippe rose as the first leader of the Tour of Francia after winning this Saturday, June 26, in the first stage of the gala return. However, it was marked by two serious accidents in the peloton in which dozens of runners crashed. One of them caused by a fan holding a poster and which caused the fall of a dozen cyclists.

    The woman was holding a banner that read ‘go opi omi‘, a mix between French and German, which translates to’ let’s go grandfather and grandmother ‘. When he was on the side of the road and with his back to the platoon, his intention was to show the poster to the television cameras, but everything went wrong. It was just at that moment when the German Tony Martin, of the Jumbo Visma, brushed the poster and unbalanced near the head of the peloton, when he fell to the ground caused a ghastly domino effect, creating a tangle of bikes and athletes.

    The result of this massive accident was the injuries and scratches in the vast majority of cyclists that led them to be delayed or even the abandonment of some others such as the German Jasha Sutterlin. In this accident there was also the Spanish Marc Soler that he got up and continued with pain, when he reached the finish line they diagnosed him that he had both broken arms and he had to abandon the test definitively. Alejandro Valverde He also went to the ground, although he saved the incident with some scrapes on his arms.

    According West France, citing Christian Prudhomme, director of the Tour de France, the organization of the race has taken legal action and denounce the viewer. However, at this time the woman wearing a yellow jacket is missing and is believed to have been able to leave the country. “We are going to sue this woman who behaved so badly,” Tour deputy director Pierre-Yves Thouault told AFP. “We do it so that the tiny minority of people who do it do not spoil the show for everyone,” he added.

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