‘The Matrix’ is getting a sequel, but different than you think


In recent years, The Matrix from 1999 has been able to count on an undesirable sequel of The Matrix: Resurrections, according to some, but director Danny Boyle goes one step further. He is now working on a special adaptation of the iconic sci-fi film: a dance performance!

Warner Bros. has already given the green light for this separate project, called ‘Free Your Mind’. The first edition of the show is expected to hit the UK in October 2023.

The log line reads: “‘Free Your Mind’ combines the choreography of hundreds of hip-hop dancers with brand new immersive design to take the audience on an exciting journey through ‘The Matrix’, into a new world of countless possibilities.”

Danny Boyle’s latest trick
The famous director has often burned his fingers on unusual projects. The director of Slumdog Millionaire was previously involved in the opening of the Olympic Games in the United Kingdom in 2012. King Elisabeth was then one of the famous people, whom he had to direct.

Hopefully, he will be able to live up to the classic movie and find a new form to awaken his audience from the Matrix.