Tuesday, 24 Apr 2018
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The Mayor buries the désindexation of the MINIMUM wage


This could be one of the elements feature of the law COVENANT on the business that prepares Bruno Le Maire. The désindexation of the SMIC would not be the end, not in the text. The minister of the Economy, which was in government the most open to this idea, is itself declared to be negative this Friday. the ” I want to ensure that we maintain an indexing of the MINIMUM wage, because I think it is very important that the MINIMUM wage will have to be upgraded over time “, he said on BFMTV and RMC. Adding that ” to renounce the indexation of the MINIMUM wage “, was ” a bad idea “.

” This is not my priority “

” Is what you need to keep one or two indexation of the MINIMUM wage ? “, he said. the ” I’m going to say it very sincerely, this is not my priority “, thus ruling out a désindexation, even partial, of the minimum wage. The decision is not officially judged, according to what said Bruno Le Maire, but the prime minister has never made the subject a priority, and Emmanuel Macron has not sent a sign in this sense. The president of the Republic is in any case never expressed officially on this theme. The minister of Labour, Muriel Pénicaud, had certainly looked after the blur during the days that followed the publication of the report of experts offering désindexer the legal MINIMUM wage. But last Sunday, it was clearly indicated that the “ for the moment, this is not the order of the day of my road map to tomorrow morning “.

11 million workers affected

The impact of such a reform had to be weighed with attention. Because this is not only the employees earning the SMIC, which would have been affected by such a désindexation partial, but all those whose minimum conventional are reassessed in light of the annual increase in the minimum wage . the ” In total, there are 11 million workers who are impacted by the level of the MINIMUM wage ,” said Muriel Pénicaud last weekend. Finally, a government which removes all the social charges weighing on the level of the MINIMUM wage to the employer, would have had some difficulties to make it pass in the opinion of a development less rapid than previously of the net salary for the employees with the lowest incomes.

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