The mayor meets the inhabitants of the inhabitants of Hauts de Chartres and Saint-Chéron

“Take the temperature of what the inhabitants experience on a daily basis and see how things are changing. This was the objective stated at the start of the meeting by Jean-Pierre Gorges, Mayor of Chartres. This took place Thursday evening, at the Maison pour Tous des Hauts de Chartres, for the inhabitants of this district and Saint-Chéron. It brought together nearly fifty people.

Problems of traffic speed, safety or congestion on the sidewalks were first mentioned by the inhabitants present. Some have proposed solutions such as an educational radar, zebras and additional parking spaces or even an educational radar to brake certain drivers. “It’s a good solution that we will try to do quickly,” assured the mayor.

In the Comtesses and Saint-Brice districts, the City takes the pulse of the district

Real estate pressure

Other residents have highlighted their concerns about real estate pressure and the solicitations of certain developers. “The problem is that the city has become very attractive,” argued Jean-Pierre Gorges. Real estate companies in particular send letters to residents to encourage them to sell their property.

“We sign about 2,000 building permits for housing each year, but we refuse dozens of projects.”

Jean Pierre Gorges (Mayor of Chartres)

“Developers acquire houses or land to make several plots and make very aggressive offers. We regularly carry out Development and Programming Operations (OPA) so that they do not acquire opportunities. We sign about 2,000 building permits for housing each year, but we refuse dozens of projects. We require them to work differently with us. We are not going to urbanize like that. On our side, we do not carry out pre-emption when there is no public utility, ”defended the mayor.

The new concierge, in front of Chartres Cathedral, offers four services in a single location

As for the problems of vandalism and insecurity mentioned by residents, the mayor replied “that surveillance cameras would be added at strategic points. We have 150 in the city and 500 in the agglomeration. I always said that it would take 200 in the city”.

Future work

Residents have also recalled the presence of dogs in a park where a sign “prohibited to dogs” is present. The mayor claimed that this sign would be removed and that bags would be offered for their droppings.

Jean-Pierre Gorges also indicated that work would be undertaken at the end of the year to redevelop Place Morard. “They should be completed in March 2025 with the end of the work on the high-level service bus,” assured the mayor. The City advises that most of the work would be done during the summer. Other developments should be undertaken by the City in order to secure traffic in the Hauts-de-Chartres and Saint-Chéron districts.

Thomas Desprez