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By Daniella Silva

A mayor of Utah serving in Afghanistan was killed, and another member of the service was injured in an obvious "insider attack," officials said Sunday.

The mayor of North Ogden, Brent Taylor, a Major of the Utah National Guard, was killed in a blatant insider attack while serving in Kabul on Saturday, said Major General Jeff Burton, Adjutan General Guard general adjudicator, in a news conference Sunday afternoon.

An undated photo of Brent Taylor walking while training the Afghan Border Police while stationed in Afghanistan.
An undated photo of Brent Taylor walking while training the Afghan Border Police while stationed in Afghanistan.North Ogden City

Burton said Taylor, 39, was "an excellent man" and an "amazing man" who was killed during his fourth mission. Taylor leaves behind a wife and seven children, Burton said.

Taylor's desire to serve his country and several missions were "a testament to his character and the motivation to maintain the freedom that you and I enjoy as Americans," he added.

Burton said initial reports indicated that the attacker had been a member of the Afghan National Defense and Security Force, which was immediately killed by other Afghan forces. The other wounded soldier recovered, he said.

Gary Herbert, a Utah Republican, named Taylor a "great mayor of North Ogden."

"Maj. Brent Taylor was the personification of love for God, the family, and the country, "he said.

The incident was the second such insider attack in less than two weeks, after an Afghan commando killed one on 22 October and wounded two others.

Brent Taylor
Brent Taylor, Mayor of North Ogden, UtahNorth Ogden City

Spencer Cox, the vice-governor of the state, said in a post on Twitter Saturday that he "fought for words" after learning of Taylor's death.

"I love Mayor Taylor, his amazing wife Jennie and his 7 sweet kids. Utah is crying for them today, "he wrote. "This war has cost us again the best blood of a generation."

Taylor announced on Facebook in January that he will be in Afghanistan for a one-year assignment as part of a consultancy team training staff members of an Afghan commando battalion.

"Serving as mayor of North Ogden City was one of the greatest honors of my life and the culmination of my civilian career," he said. "Service is what leadership is about."

"There are three great loyalties that have determined my life and everything in it, God, family and land," he added.

According to a biography for Taylor on the website of North Ogden City, the mayor had served more than a decade as a National Guard officer, including seven years in active service. According to his biography, he was twice in Iraq and Afghanistan before his last mission.

Taylor became mayor in 2013 after working on the North Ogden City Council.


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