Normally, all questions about the meaning of a song are answered by the release of the music video, but every now and then someone like Ariana Grande comes over to guess the fans. If you're wondering what the video "God is a Woman" means, you are not alone. The newly released clip is packed with symbolism, unusual imagery and unreflected sexuality, all of which merge into a unique women's encouragement package. The video was released Friday at 12 noon, just 12 hours after Grande dropped the track. Before releasing the song, the singer's fiancé, Pete Davidson, revealed through his Instagram stories that "God Is a Woman" was his favorite track from Grande's upcoming album "Sweetener" on August 17, "GIAW at Midnight" Thursday and added, "This is one of my favorite songs on the album, it's crazy !!!" And "bonkers" actually seems to be the word for it, because the creativity in this video deviates from the charts. As you can guess from the title of the title, the underlying theme in the video "God Is a Woman" is the strength of femininity that Grande emphasizes in the first few moments of the video. As she whirls around in the middle of the Milky Way, she suggests that feminine energy is at the center of everything, a message that becomes a constant throughout the video. ArianaGrandeVevo on YouTube In a picture, Grande is sitting on the globe dragging her fingers through weather patterns, causing hurricanes wherever she dips her fingers under the surface. In another she swings what looks like an oversized hammer – a symbol of judgment – under two disembodied legs, high-heeled and spread wide, with rays of light emanating from its center. From this position she whispers a monologue recited by Madonna as she recites a passage from the pronomed version of the scripture in Ezekiel 25:17. (Which also happened to be the bible verse that Samuel L. Jackson's character Jules Winnfield aired in Pulp Fiction.) As the incumbent Queen of Pop intoned, "And I will strike down with great vengeance and furious rage those who seek to poison and kill." destroy my sisters. And you'll know I'm the master if I take your revenge on you. Ariana Grande / YouTubeWhen the passage is over, Grande pulls the hammer over her head and up. It crashes through the air and crashes into the glass ceiling that shatters, showering a triumphant Grande in small shards of glass. This glass ceiling moment symbolizes the progress that women have made so far and what still needs to be done to achieve true equality. But other moments are a little less transparent. The screaming marmots? Can not help you. Other images, such as Grande, staring at a group of angry men throwing insults at them, or an illustration of the singer standing in nature and holding a growing baby bump are a little more self-explanatory. In addition to the more global messages of power and progress, Grande has also included insights into her own struggles in the video. Although she portrays herself as the god in the video, she is still affected by mortal acts. In a moment, small men hurl abuse as the larger-than-life singer sits quietly, her face still while words and phrases like "little girl", "stupid" and "wrong" bounce off her. Even though she is not affected by them, the moment is a reminder that she is aware of the insults that are often accused of her. Later, in a schoolgirl uniform, Grande goes for a tightrope walk, a visual depiction of the line she draws between girls and adulthood when she grows up in the public eye. But the balloons she wears are the planets, as if she were remembering herself and her fans to look at the big picture; Ariana Grande / YouTubeAnd judging by the video, Grande feels pretty good in her self: she has her sexuality, claps back to hate and learns to ask what she wants , She learns who she is and explores her own sensuality and creativity. And as she shows the whole process in the video "God Is a Woman", the fans should be happy to be on the journey next to her.


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