WASHINGTON, Feb. 13 – RIA News. By the end of the day, the US Senate will introduce a bill that, if adopted, will lead to serious new sanctions against the banking and energy sector of Russia, as well as against the Russian government debt, Reuters reported.

It is noted that sanctions are supposed to be introduced for "interfering in the elections in the United States" and for "aggression in Ukraine", which Moscow denies.

In particular, the bill proposes introducing sanctions against Russian banks that "support efforts to intervene in elections", against Russian liquefied natural gas projects outside of Russia, as well as against the cyber sector of the Russian economy.

In addition, it is planned to ban any new transactions with the sovereign debt of Russia and to limit the activities of persons who "carry out corrupt activities" on behalf of the Russian leadership.

It is also proposed to introduce sanctions against the development of crude oil in Russia.

According to the agency, the bill intends to offer influential senators Bob Menendez and Lindsay Graham. This is a tougher version of the document that was already made last year. Then he did not pass in the congress. Nevertheless, the Congress enacted the CAATSA law on mandatory sanctions against Russia.

"Our goal is to change the status quo and impose serious sanctions and measures on Putin’s Russia. We must stop interfering in the US electoral process, stop cyber attacks on the American infrastructure, remove Russia from Ukraine and stop the chaos activities in Syria," said Graeme , quoted by Reuters.

Earlier, the Foreign Ministry stated that US sanctions against the Russian state debt and dollar operations of banks could hurt the interests of the Americans themselves, as well as Europeans.



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