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Sokolov interrogation says that he never used violence to Eschenko. “The last six months, when she had a tantrum about a family, there have been cases, it rushed on me with fists. Sometimes I suffered her blows, and sometimes repelled. Never struck. I told her why she does what she can to provoke the situation that I hit, because I won’t be able to endure, and then our relationship will end. She said that if I hit, we split up,” he says.

According to Sokolov, even 2019 they planned to get married. In the summer of 2019, they filed a statement and had to hold the wedding on 3 October. However, due to unforeseen costs they have not been able to conduct the ceremony the way we wanted, and it was postponed.

The night of the murder on 7 November of 2019 they celebrated at home five years experience by candlelight and with champagne. But as soon as Sokolov spoke about their children, Eschenko “has become quite a monstrous creature.” “She began to say mad curses, monstrous expression. Graceful slim girl with a transition to the Mat-peremat, and everyone kept saying: “Bastards, you bastards! I hate these bastards! Let him die!”. Having said that, Sokolov added that Yeshchenko began to rush at him with his fists.

The Prosecutor General’s office approved the indictment in the case of the historian Sokolov

Oleg Sokolov

According to the interviewee, since then, he barely remembered what was happening next. After the scandal Yeshchenko left, but soon returned and made a new scene. This time in her hand, according to Sokolov, was a knife. “I just started to go crazy. I rushed into the small room, I don’t know why… I know that I have lying spare, I grabbed the shotgun. Thus, I ran from the living room into a small room, it is closer to the kitchen. Yeshchenko O. A. at this time rushed in the bedroom. I grabbed the shotgun, I don’t know why, maybe she wanted to scare, maybe I thought I pull the trigger, the roar of the shot… (the falcons did not finish the sentence)”, — reads the text of the interrogation.

“I went into the bedroom, she pulled on me with such wild cry, swinging the knife, I instinctively made a gesture in the direction of its head (Sokolov shows which gesture he did) and pulled the trigger,” continued the historian, and acknowledged he did not remember how many times he shot.

Sokolov explained that he had run away from home and walked on the Moika embankment, then returned home, and his “mind became”. “I wiped the blood off as I could, threw the bloody thing, the bloody much. And decided that… It was already morning, I don’t remember how many, but it was already daylight, I decided… It’s already the 8th number [ноября]. Wiped a blood relative, more or less in some old rags wrapped up, put the body under the bed and decided that the next night somehow this body will be put in the Sink”, — he finished the story.

Sokolova was detained November 9, on the Moika embankment in St. Petersburg while trying to drown a backpack with two severed female hands. In his apartment was discovered other body parts of the murdered. The Prosecutor General’s office approved the indictment in respect of Sokolov under part 1 of article 105 (murder), part 1 of article 222 of the criminal code (illegal acquisition and possession of weapons). The court extended his arrest until September 23. The case is considered in October district court of St.-Petersburg, the next meeting is scheduled for June 22, 2020.

RBC sent a request to the press-service GSU SK of Russia across St.-Petersburg.

Georgy Tadtayev, Roman Kiryanov, Vladislav Gordeev


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