the median price of rents in the Basque Country reaches those of large metropolises

More than 10 euros per square meter. This is the median rent recorded in the Basque Country. It even reaches 15.50 euros on the coast. The Local Rent Observatory of the Basque Country and South Landes has published the figures for the year 2021 for the area covered by the organization, i.e. the 103 municipalities of the Basque coast, from the retro-coastal, to in Espelette and pays d’Hasparren, and in the south of the Landes (Seignanx & MACS).

There are 50,530 private rental units there for an average surface area of ​​67 m², i.e. an average rent of €703. The median price is at the same level as large cities like Toulouse, Grenoble or Strasbourg, but with many disparities depending on the area.

The most expensive prices near the sea

The smaller the accommodation, the closer you get to the seaside, and the more the rents increase. Thus, a T3 in Labastide-Clairence is rented on average at 7.80 euros per square meter. For a T1 in Biarritz or Hendaye, on the other hand, it is necessary to count 15.50 euros per square meter. For example, 35 m2 costs more than 500 euros per month. The south of the Landes is not spared by the outbreak, especially during periods of confinement.

Guest of the 6-9 of France Bleu Pays Basque, this Tuesday morning, Pierrette Echeverria, the president of the Advisory Council of the Local Observatory of Rents Basque Country and South Landes, asked the owners to have an overall vision, to long term for the territory.

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Regarding the compensation measure, the administrative court of Pau finally agreed with the agglo Pays Basque. This rule requires an owner to “offset” a short-term tourist rental with another permanent rental. About fifty owners and twenty companies had filed an appeal. However, they were dismissed by the courts.

For Pierrette Echeverria the decision does not sign the death of small owners. “These rentals are speculation. These are people who make investments, tax exemptions and who sometimes have never come to these accommodations. They don’t even know them”.

In Biarritz or Hendaye, for a T1 it takes a little more than fifteen euros per square meter
In Biarritz or Hendaye, for a T1 it takes a little more than fifteen euros per square meter © Radio France
Frank Dolores

For his part, Jean-René Etchegaray, the president of AUDAP but also of the Basque Country agglomeration community announced that the agglomeration will be a good candidate for rent control as already exists in Paris, Bordeaux or even Lille. The application file should be sent mid-October.