the Meiland family is looking for a Nadège 2.0 for their new guest house

And that means the family is looking for staff. A Nadège 2.0 that is. Housekeeper Nadège has meant so much to the family in the French chateau that Martien and Erica like Nadège from Noordwijk.

The Meilandjes are looking for staff

The two place an appeal on daughter Maxime’s Instagram Stories. You can apply! ‘Hello everyone, we have a question’, Martien begins. ‘We are looking for a Nadège 2.0’, Erica adds. ‘Yes, so if you have experience, if you are interested, let us know.’

Nadege 2.0

“We have to tell them what to do,” says Erica. ‘The point is that guests can check out until 11 a.m. and new guests arrive at 3 p.m. In those four hours in between, half of the rooms have to be done. Just put some soapy water through it, suck it up and change the beds.’ Martien adds: ‘And new towels and such. You don’t have to do breakfast, because we do that ourselves.’

Just apply!

And that makes the job ideal for late risers, according to them: ‘You don’t have to get up so early, that also makes a difference. And afterwards you can go to the beach.’ Do you really like this job? Then you can send your application to [email protected]. Martien: ‘Talk about it at home and then let us know!’

Maxime Meiland now goes through life happily, but it hasn’t always been that way. In her teens she went through a difficult period. She couldn’t even see it anymore. Fortunately, she got help:

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March 20, 2023