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Anna Wintour is usually very discreet about her private life. But, from time to time, the director of the American edition of Vogue offers the odd detail. The Kendall Jenner model has been the last to get Wintour, 70, forget for a moment his rigid professional facet to talk more relaxed about his more personal side. And about love. In a video that the fashion magazine has published on YouTube on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, the mannequin asks: “Anna, what was your best and worst date?” The editor agrees to answer on the condition that Jenner answers the same question at her next meeting and ensures that the best dates are to go to the theater with her daughter or watch a game of tennis with her son.

The worst? “In the seventies, she was very interested in a young man who was an activist writer and was always arrested, put in prison and had a lot of negative press,” the journalist begins to narrate, who continues explaining that her father, Charles Wintour, wanted knowing him, something I miss him because his daughter because she had never shown any interest in the boys she dated. During the meeting, his father offered the young man, very interested in politics, to go to the United States to cover the elections. “He immediately said yes and left the next day. I never saw him again,” says the editor, who defines her father as a “very cunning” person.

Video of the magazine ‘Vogue’ with questions to its editor, Anna Wintour.

Charles Wintour, who passed away in 1999, was editor of the British newspaper Evening Standard and the one in charge of making her daughter curious about journalism and fashion. He got him a sales position in the mythical boutique London Biba and in stores Harrod’s before starting her career in 1970. Anna Wintour felt great admiration for her father, whom they called Chilly charlieAs he told CNN: “I learned from him the decision, the passion. He loved what he was doing and it was very inspiring to grow up in a house full of journalists and editors, and be aware of what was happening in the world.”

Wintour’s first known couple was John Bradshaw, a journalist freelance with which he moved to New York and put him in contact with the American media, so he went through several magazines before entering Vogue. As he was gaining recognition, he was associated with several men, including Jamaican singer Bob Marley, something that denied in the program The Late Late Showby James Corden: “I’m glad you asked me that question. It’s false news. I’ve never met Bob Marley I’m sorry to dissapoint you”.

In 1983, he began dating psychiatrist David Shaffer and the following year they married. Fruit of that marriage, were born their children Charles and Katherine, known as Bee. However, he divorced in 1999. The separation of the couple copied pages in the paper magazines: some attributed the end of the relationship to the dedication to their professions and others that Wintour would have deceived the Psychiatrist with Texan tycoon Shelby Bryan, her current husband.

Anna Wintour and Shelby Bryan, during a 2017 US Open tennis match. Gtresonline

Wintour and Bryan met at a charity dance of the New York Ballet. Both were married and had children. It was not until 2004 that they passed through the altar and since then they are still together, without making too many appearances together. They are seen in some parties and tennis matches. But little else. A discretion that was interrupted in 2013 when The Daily Telegraph he published that Bryan owed the State 1.2 million dollars (more than one million euros). The businessman reached an agreement with the US Treasury, but did not pay everything promised. “I would have loved to be able to do it, but I don’t have cash,” Bryan said. Something striking considering that it is part of one of the families with more history and better positioned in the State of Texas, who came to study at the Harvard Business School, and that, in addition, managed to patent with Morgan Stanley one of the first systems Modern mobile telephony in several states. The economic crisis affected his great fortune, which was previously of 30 million dollars (27 million euros) after divorcing his ex-wife Katherine in 1999.

Another man in Wintour’s life is his eldest son Charles Shaffer, 35. He married in 2014 with the American executive Elizabeth Cordy on a family estate in Long Island, New York. Same place chosen by his sister and brother-in-law, Katherine Shaffer and Francesco Carrozzini – son of Franca Sozzani, deceased director of the Italian edition of Vogue-, for your link four years later. Both brothers share an inn with their mother from time to time and have inherited personal discretion from it. And also in love.



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