The Message In Shakira’s Latest Song Is Clear: She Is Moving On!

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Shakira has quickly become the headline of many recent news stories. The Colombian artist recently released a new song with Argentine DJ, Bizarrap, called “BZRP Music Session #53.” And let me tell you, it’s fire.

The song quickly went viral and was streamed 14.4 million times on Spotify in less than 24 hours. It also holds 166 million views on youtube.

The song has a great rhythm and makes me want to dance! However, what makes this song even better is the message she delivers; she is moving forward. The song throws shade at her ex-boyfriend, Gerard Pique, and even makes indirect comments about his new girlfriend, Clara Chia Marti.

Shakira and Pique came to split in June 2022 after being together for 12 years. They met back in 2010 on the set where Shakira filmed the music video for “Waka Waka (This Time For Africa).” She admitted that she didn’t know who Pique was at the beginning since she wasn’t a soccer fan, but found him cute. It was there that someone decided to introduce them, according to a 2020 interview with 60 Minutes. As we know, the rest is history.

The two were not married, which may have been due to Shakira’s fear of marriage. In a 60 Minutes interview with Bill Whitaker, she states, “I don’t want him to see me as ‘the wife.’ I want him to see me as his girlfriend. Lover, his girlfriend, a little forbidden fruit, you know? I want to keep him on his toes. I want him to think that anything’s possible, depending on behavior.”

Her hips were definitely not lying when she said that anything could happen depending on his behavior. His behavior ended up being the reason for their breakup. She found that he had been cheating on her and indirectly dropped how she found this out in her song “Te Felicito” with Rauw Alejandro. In the music video, she opens the fridge and finds Rauw’s head. In an interview with This MorningAlison asks her what his head in the fridge symbolizes. Shakira responds with, “To find out the truth. So I go to the refrigerator, and it’s when I find Rauwr Alejandro’s head.”

Shakira did not hold back in her new BZRP song. She makes it clear that she is not opening herself up for another disappointment. She states that she should have left him a while back because a wolf like her is not for rookies like him. The song has a lot of references, which allows the audience to visualize the song even more clearly. In her Instagram, she posted how this win was not just for her, but for everyone who had ever felt or gone through this.

So if you or someone you know has ever gone through a nasty breakup, remember that you are strong and beautiful. If you haven’t heard Shakira’s new song, I highly recommend giving it a listen!

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