The meteorologist’s discouraging message: – Unfortunately, I can state that the spring weather is not on the way

22. mars 2023 13:02 – Updated March 22, 2023 1:02 p.m

The meteorologist on duty at the Meteorological Institute dismisses hopes for spring weather and says that the next week can offer a lot of gray weather.

Everyone who is looking forward to spring weather with sunshine and good temperatures must be patient, according to the Meteorological Institute.

– In southern Norway, a frontal system will enter in the next few days, which will lead to precipitation in the form of rain, sleet and snow, explains meteorologist on duty Iselin Skjervagen.

In the north, on the other hand, there will be significant amounts of sun over the next few days, but low temperatures that may creep down towards a double-digit number of minus degrees.

– It will be nice north of Trøndelag for the next few days. There will be a lot of sun, but also patches of snow in between. On the other hand, it will be quite cold, although the sun will certainly help a bit, Skjervagen tells NTB.

– Gray weather

The temperature will be a few plus degrees for the next few days in the south of the country, interspersed with a good portion of precipitation.

– There will be some rain along the coast and some snow at high altitude in the next few days. In some areas there will be longer stays, but there is no doubt that the next few days will bear the stamp of gray weather.

– There is no hope of spring weather already now?

There are no signs of spring weather at the moment. Unfortunately, I can state that the spring weather is not yet on its way.

However, that could change towards the end of the week and the start of the next in southern Norway, according to the meteorologist.

– At the start of next week, there will be a little more sun across the country, but there will be some precipitation then as well. At the same time, we see that the low temperatures will persist in the north of the country, while in southern Norway it will stay at roughly the same level as now.

Avalanche danger

In the north of the country, there will be good opportunities for skiing, but Skjervagen reminds of the avalanche danger in the mountains.

– There is a significant risk of avalanches in the north of the country, so everyone who is going to move on the mountain should be aware of this.