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No one knows if the crowd that set out in Honduras and now reached Mexico will ever arrive in the United States, not even Donald Trump. Nevertheless, he made out of the men, women and children who seek to escape the violence and poverty in their homeland, attackers on America, their march to national emergency. Among the migrants are violent offenders, drug barons and even "unknowns from the Middle East," tweeted the President last Monday. Intoxicated by the echo of his threatening message, he sends shortly thereafter more than 5,000 soldiers to the border with Mexico, up to 10,000 more are to follow. They would shoot if they were stoned, Trump threatens on Thursday. He wants to tighten the asylum law quickly. Escalate on and on, stir up the fear of the people – that's his method.

The military spectacle on the border – 15,000 soldiers are as many as the US is currently stationed in Afghanistan and three times as many as in Iraq – is supposed to paint a very specific picture of him, the image of a resolute president who is Defended land against impending dangers. It is a picture that right-wing populists worldwide are using successfully. They create a threat situation, stylize them to attack the homeland – and as saviors. What unites them all is the theme: they use people's fear of migration for their own purposes.

The truth? Do not interest him

The fears of his constituents, which continues to fuel Donald Trump, are to push them to the polls in the important midterm elections next Tuesday. For he, only he, according to the message, can save them from calamity, from the calamity whose cause he has identified his political opponents.

In all his actions, Donald Trump always aims to draw public attention to alleged conflicts in order to divert attention from other policy areas. The truth does not interest him, on the contrary. With the conscious and increasingly used instrument of lies, he perfected his strategy. Because he has been successful with her for decades.

What Trump wants to distract is, for example, the many scandals surrounding former members of his government or the investigation into Russia's influence on the 2016 presidential election. Special envoy Robert Mueller could present results in November, albeit after the midterm elections. Trump also wants to distract attention from the question of whether his party will be clearly punished in these elections, which he himself has made a referendum on himself and his policies, as surveys suggest, He quickly wanted to change the subject, for example, when it showed that his comments in the case of the murdered Saudis Jamal Khashoggi suddenly sounded as if he was defending an archaic regime. Then the refugees from Honduras came to him just fine.

Trump was a millionaire by the age of eight

When Trump started these lies is now certain, thanks to research by the New York Times. His central lie, on which the whole picture of him is based, is his self-made myth of a self-made man who "only" built his empire with a one-million-dollar loan from his father. But the major research shows a very different picture, which can prove it on the basis of countless documents: According to Trump was already at three years homeowner, at eight years millionaire – and all this is based on overriden his father. Until his death, Trump received a huge sum from him, which is said to be worth US $ 413 million today.

But even this obvious lie, its meticulous detection – the "Times" has worked for a year on her research – Trump will probably do no harm. For in his strategy of success, to change the subject again and again, with a lie after the other to distract the public from the essential, he has involuntary helpers, linguist George Lakoff of the University of Berkeley to consider: namely, the media who tried to great effort to refute his untruths. That was well meant, but wrong. As they chased after his supposed news, they left it to the president to dominate the news cycle.

In a kind of "blitzkrieg", the Americans took this term from the German, Trump spit out falsehoods, but those lies are only part of the game. What matters is the strategy behind it, says Lakoff. Trump creates a controversy over politically charged issues to mobilize his conservative base. The more often he appears in the media, the better that will be for him in the end – it does not matter. It is a thesis that is also discussed in the German debate about the AfD.

His strategy works: the crowd goes wild

In a campaign appearance in Houston in the state of Texas just under two weeks ago, he faces 18,000 excited supporters, who have been shown the images of the refugee trek for days on television, some underlaid with threatening words. And instead of the President, who should know better, telling them that few of these people will ever reach American soil, he continues to rally them with the cry, "This is an attack on our land!" The crowd is raging , "Criminals, drug gangs, predators and terrorists" would have to be kept away from the US, otherwise the country went under. More yelling and applause. His strategy gets caught.

No medium can escape the excitement, the coverage ranges from excited live reports in the right channels such as Fox News to articles on front pages of liberal media such as the "New York Times". At least then it is a big topic.

In addition, Trump spreads his good news of an alleged further large tax cut, which will come soon and this time especially the middle class will use. Many of those present in the arena in Texas are self-employed, have a small business – they are excited. Trump does not say a word about how to finance this 10% tax cut. The topic has arrived positively with its followers, on to the next one.

Letter bombs with the critics

But shortly thereafter something happens that comes dangerously close to him, which almost makes his method fail. Letter bombs are found among prominent Trump critics across the country, including former President Barack Obama and his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who lost the presidential election to Trump in 2016. To this day, Clinton serves the president as a welcome, often mentioned victim.

When it turns out that the alleged perpetrator is not just a registered Republican, but has also clapped and shouted at Trump rallies like Texas, it's suddenly openly debated whether Trump will be replaced by his aggressive rhetoric in the election campaign for a responsibility sluggish. He rejects this, denounces the media as usual and complains that "such things" harm the election campaign.

And then, in late October, Pittsburgh: During a worship service in a synagogue, a man shoots, eleven people die. The perpetrator is a Jew and xenophobe who fears an "invasion" from abroad and was called upon not to accept this any longer. A man who was disappointed with Trump because he did too little against immigrants – and against the Jews who infiltrated these immigrants. Every show on American cable television discusses: Did Trump provoke or consciously accept this outbreak of right-wing violence in order to push the Republican campaign?

Last Tuesday, the American President and his wife Melania stand in front of the makeshift memorial at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh. They each place a white flower and – following an ancient Jewish tradition – a small stone on the wooden stars, reminiscent of the eleven victims of the attack.

Earlier, both inside the church, at the scene of the worst anti-Semitic attack in US history, have lit candles for the deceased. They were accompanied by Trump's daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner. Both are Jewish beliefs and thus, according to the Trump camp, the personified guarantee that the president can not be an anti-Semite.

Placards say: Hate speech creates hate crime "

The President came to the memorial service, even though the local Jewish community had spoken out against his visit. Also on this day there are demonstrations directly in front of the security gates at the synagogue, a very unfamiliar picture in a place of mourning. "President Trump, you are not welcome in Pittsburgh until you fully condemn white nationalism," Jewish community officials wrote in an open letter that will be read out again during the demonstration. The attack was a direct result of Trump's "influence". The demonstrators are screaming out their anger, shouting "words mean something" and "no more hate". On banners are messages like "hate speech creates hate crimes" or "Trump, you have blood on your hands".

Hard words that can unsettle even the toughest

Hard words that can unsettle even the toughest. Unless, they are called Donald Trump, He ignores the demonstrators and later claims to have been treated wonderfully in Pittsburgh and to have heard nothing of the "small protests". Not a word of doubt or even regret. Back in the White House he continues his election campaign in undiminished hardness. That evening, he tweeted message after message, about him loyal candidates that he now publicly supports, and about the "Fake News" media, which always represented him only bad. But that's not enough, too strong is the focus on Pittsburgh and right-wing terrorism and its possible co-responsibility.

So he fires the next bomb, and it really has it in him.

Trump announces that he will abolish the general birthplace principle by decree. It is the constitutional right that everyone should receive American citizenship born on US soil. This American law, as Trump hopes, will soon no longer apply to children of foreigners and immigrants living illegally in the country. It does not matter that such a thing can not be ordered by decree, as constitutional lawyers interviewed by journalists throughout the country immediately declare: the message is out and dominates the reporting. His followers arrive: The president takes care of his country and protects it from "the others". That's all that counts.


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