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The migrant caravan is divided


Yes, no, they never agreed and the migrant caravan that was housed in the Estadio Jesús Martínez Palillo fragmented.

At least 1,500 migrants, of the five thousand 500 registered by the authorities, kept the decision made by the assembly on Thursday night and left in eight contingents for Querétaro.

The majority waited in Ciudad Deportiva, as their demand for transportation to the United Nations (UN) was still standing.

At the end of the day, the UN in Mexico said it was not among their legal possibilities to provide transportation.

The groups that decided to leave used the Metro to go from Ciudad Deportiva to Cuatro Caminos and then walk through Periférico Norte towards the México-Querétaro highway.

In the Tepotzotlán booth many climbed the trailers of the cargo trucks that traveled the highway to Querétatro. Photo: Ricardo Vitela

On the side, trucks from the State of Mexico allowed them to go up, 10 in 10, to take them to Cuautitlán Izcalli.

When the exodus arrived at the booth in Tepotzotlán, a medical review post from the Ministry of Health of the State of Mexico and Federal, as well as a human rights commission from Edomex awaited them.

There, they took advantage of climbing on the trailers of the cargo trucks that would bring them to their final destination.

Around 600 migrants managed to reach Querétaro and were transferred to the Corregidora Stadium, where they were given food and a shelter was improvised, as the migrants rejected the shelters installed in the San Juan del Río Convention Center and the Palmillas Macrolibramiento.

At night, around 600 migrants arrived at the Corregidora Stadium, where a temporary shelter was built. Photo: Cuartoscuro

In the stadium 750 mattresses were available and it is expected that more will be placed during the night, since the arrival of another considerable number of migrants was expected.

This contingent plans to depart from 5 in the morning to different destinations: some go to San Luis Potosí, others to Irapuato.

Meanwhile, it is expected that the contingent that remained in CDMX arrives today at the Macrolibramiento de Palmillas to stay there overnight.

For their part, around 800 Hondurans, defeated by the cold, the fatigue or the dangers they may face later, decided to return to their country, "where we can be safe," said Gerson Montes.

-With information from Ricardo Vitela

Other Central Americans tour Oaxaca

Around noon yesterday, Central American migrants from the third caravan arrived at the municipality of Matías Romero, Oaxaca, where they met with their nationals who were waiting for them at the Ferrocarrilero soccer field.

Some arrived walking and others in private vehicles, whose drivers gave them the free trip. They also took the opportunity to unify in a contingent and revive the caravan, in addition to confirming the route to continue to the United States.

A group of Salvadorans also arrived at the site, guarded by personnel of the National Institute of Migration, who intercepted them on the Tapanatepec and Cacahuites cruises, when they left the municipality of Arriaga, in Chiapas.

The newcomers were given food as well as medical attention, as many arrived with their feet blistered and dehydrated.

The organizers of the caravan could wait in that city to the total of the third and fourth contingent, which continues to travel Chiapas, until today.

– Gaspar Romero and Patricia Briseño / Correspondents

Trump signed decree to prevent asylum

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, issued a decree, yesterday, to deny asylum to migrants who enter the country illegally, closing the border even further, while the first caravan of Central Americans left Mexico City. to Tijuana.

The new norms try to avoid the laws that affirm that any person is a candidate to receive asylum no matter how they enter the country because, according to the authorities, every year about 70 thousand individuals request asylums.

Trump used the same formula he took advantage of last year to restrict the admission of citizens from certain countries with Muslim majority, a measure that the Supreme Court ratified.

We need people in our country, but they must enter legally, "said Trump yesterday before traveling to Paris.

Hours later, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and other activist groups filed a lawsuit in a federal court in northern California to block the rules, arguing that they are clearly illegal.

The president is simply trying to bypass Congress' decision to provide asylum to those in danger, no matter how they enter, "said Lee Gelernt, an ACLU lawyer.

The lawsuit also aims to freeze the proclamation while the litigation is resolved.

It is not known if the case will go before a judge before the rules take effect today.

They would be implemented for at least three months but could be extended, and do not affect the people who are already in the country. The Justice Department said in a statement that the proclamation is legal.


They follow containment drills

The Border Patrol can be seen with guns and assault rifles in the crowd containment exercise. Photo: Reuters

The international bridge Paso del Norte, in Ciudad Juárez, was closed again by agents of the US Border Patrol, who carried out practices to contain crowds or mass entry of illegals.

This is the third time this bridge has been closed for the same purpose, since the caravan of migrants entered our country, and before the possibility of its arrival to this border of Juarez, Chihuahua, with El Paso, Texas.

The illegal containment drill is performed by about 50 Border Patrol field agents, with riot gear, trained dogs and air support with helicopters.

Some of the agents are armed with pistols and assault rifles.

To these actions, the US Army continues to reinforce the borderline with barbed wire, by order of President Donald Trump, to prevent any of the migrants from entering US territory illegally.

-Carlos Coria



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