The Milan coach has his champion’s medal stolen, the thieves appear on Instagram with

A few days ago, Milan snatched the title of Italian champion after several years of scarcity. A great emotion for the supporters, the players and the coach, Stefano Pioli, quickly nuanced by a big blunder, since the coach of the Milanese had his medal stolen during the ceremony, says The Republic.

“They snatched my medal during the celebrations: if you can make a call, thank you, it’s the only one I have”, alerted the Italian. On his Twitter account, Serie A wanted to reassure him, not without humor. “Hey coach Pioli, we’ll give you back the medal tomorrow.”

After a few hours, the medal finally reappeared… on a user’s Instagram account. We see three boys – visibly supporters of Milan – proudly displaying their loot. According to information from an ESPN sports journalist and the Corriere dello Sportthe perpetrators of the theft would have for sale said medal on the Internet – which could not be verified so far.

Finally, after several days of controversy, the three boys surrendered to the police accompanied by a lawyer, reports the Gazzetta dello Sport. And Stefano Pioli will finally be able to celebrate this title as it should.