The Military Institutional Front called for the dismissal and trial of the High Command for not defending and maintaining the sovereignty of Venezuela in the battle against the FARC

There was too much propaganda and little information from the High Command about the events in Apure

“Given the events that occurred and the unhappy performance of an inefficient and ineffective FANB as demonstrated in this operation, We call on the citizens to demand the removal of their commanders since they have not had enough chivalry to resign their positions voluntarily “, says the Military Institutional Front (FIM), in relation to the events that occurred in Apure, with an unfortunate negative balance for the military institution.

This is how the organization of 260 military that make up said Civil Association of retired military personnel, chaired by Vice Admiral Huizi Clavier, together with the board, as well as senior officers such as the generals of division: (Av) Raúl Ramón Morales, (Ex) Vicente Luis Narváez Churión, (Av) Maximiliano Hernández Vásquez, (GN) Luis Felipe Nery Arrieta Ávila, (GN) Landis Ferreira Zambrano, (Ex) Andrés Medina Torcat, (Av) Julio García Pino, (Ex) Simón Luis Virgilio Tagliaferro, (Av) Justo Evaristo Saavedra, (GN ) Marcos Pacheco Melgarejo, (Ex) Alfonso Romero Romero and (Ex) Adolfo Tovar Salas, among many more.

The FIM requests that in addition to the resignation of the high command of the Armed Forces “they are put on trial for having renounced the sacred duty to defend and maintain the sovereignty of the country over a territory, undoubtedly an indisputable part of the national geographic scope, and due to his supine ignorance of the responsibility and functions of the commander when he engages his unit in combat actions ”.

“We consider it a duty as a military organization, to insist on the trite issue of the shameful surrender of the FANB before a small group of criminals to whom a leadership of the defense organization, eunuchs in the art of military operations, handed over an important portion of the territory national after a humiliating surrender ”.

They recall that previously they expressed “our criticism of the deficient planning and execution of an operation plagued by many vices and inconsistencies with the principles that the art of war has taught us, throughout history, which are the most suitable for the action, whether in regular, asymmetric, irregular wars, etc., has a high probability of producing success and victory over the enemy ”.

The FARC dissidents attacked several military posts
The FARC dissidents attacked several military posts

The shameful abandonment

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They take stock of what happened on the border, specifically in the state of Apure and the war between the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) against the dissidents of the guerrilla Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) under the command of Gentil Duarte, who has left 20 soldiers killed, he kept eight kidnapped soldiers for more than a month and there are still some missing.

“On this occasion, as has been generalized in the opinion of many observers of national events, We must elaborate on the issue of abandoning the theater of operations in which that FANB had committed itself, regardless of the reasons that apparently, and according to the available information, were not those established by the Constitution and the laws of the Republic ”.

The military organization FIM qualifies as “condemnable and inconceivable, according to the reason for being of an Armed Forces, that without the use of the potentialities and resources of which it boasts so much, a significant portion of the national territory is withdrawn and handed over to foreign criminals, allowing them to occupy it victorious and proud of the success of their actions”.

Gentil Duarte is the leader of the FARC dissidents occupying the conflict zone of Apure
Gentil Duarte is the leader of the FARC dissidents occupying the conflict zone of Apure

They recognize that “It is true that, due to the disastrous planning and reprehensible execution of the operations, a group of soldiers and officers who had to be rescued were kidnapped by the outlaws, an obligation also for an army in combat operations”.

They say that the rescue of the eight kidnapped soldiers “it must have become an important mission in addition to combat, assigned to troops with special abilities and with the clearly determined objective of recovering them in good physical condition, not through an unconditional surrender that affects the moral and dignity of the members of that institution and what is worse, and unacceptable, through the delivery of the territory whose guard and custody justify the existence of that armed force ”.

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The Institutional Front expresses deep indignation by stating that “we will never be able to forget the facts that are widely disseminated and published about this clumsy operation,” while assuring that they will keep alive in their memory what happened with the eight soldiers killed by the guerrilla group.

They qualify as “clear sign of abandonment and irresponsibility of the military commanders by abandoning the bodies, in our own territory, of the troops who gave their lives in compliance with infamous orders and who were recovered by the pious action of a priest, who managed to reach them with the help of the locals and without any participation of the military units to which they belonged ”, concludes the Military Institutional Front.

The president of the FIM, Vice Admiral Rafael Huizi Clavier
The president of the FIM, Vice Admiral Rafael Huizi Clavier

Disinformation and propaganda

Several facts predominate about what happened during the conflict in Apure, but the most striking thing has been the lack of official information, which gives rise to the misinformation transmitted from those who speculate on the subject, the use of government propaganda media that have led to present failure as triumph, defeat as heroism. The Minister of Defense as the sole spokesperson, without the Operational Operational Commander, the component commanders or the commanders in the area, giving reliable information.

Among the most official is the announcement of the activation of the Special Temporary Integral Defense Operational Zone (ZODI) “GD José Cornelio Muñoz”, under the command of GD Alejandro Javier Benítez Marcano, with a Coordination Staff, and the 94 Special Brigade Integral Negro First in the ZODI Apure commanded by Brigadier General Wilfredo Alexander Medrano Machado. It was only known about that in the speech.

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And while the FARC leaves 20 soldiers dead, several missing and a large number of wounded, the Armed Forces barely gives an account of a murdered alias Nando and several civilians arrested.

The Armed Forces have lost 20 soldiers in the war against the FARC
The Armed Forces have lost 20 soldiers in the war against the FARC

Military assassinated by the actions of the FARC dissidents in Apure:

September 19, 2020: SM3 (Ej) Gabriel Alexander Pérez Silva, S2 (Ej) Reiber David Chirino Reyes, 1TTE (Av) Augusto David Linares Delgado, Tte (Av) Miguel Ángel Mora García.

March 21, 2021: Major (Ex) Edward Ramón Corobo Segovia and Lt. (Ex) Yonathan Miguel Duarte.

March 31, 2021: S / 2 (Ex) Jesús Alexander Vásquez Pérez and S1 of the Navy Andriel Rafael Istúriz Sojo.

April 3-5, 2021: Lieutenant Colonel (Ex) Raúl Roilander Quintero, 1st Ex Julio Manuel Inojosa Morgado, C2 (Ex) Yoendri Enrique Piñero Ortega and S1 (Ex) Breyner Alexander Granados Suarez.

April 23-24, 2021: CN Naywill José Torres Moreno, SM2 (Ej) Wilmer De Jesús Ferrobús Garabito, SM1 (Ej) Ronal José Marcano Castillo, SM2 (Ej) Andy José Miranda, SM1 (Ej) Santiago De Jesús Reyes Farfán, S1 Álvaro Rafael Mariño Ostos, S2 Michael Miguel Medina Sequera, S1 (ARB) Luis David Lira Negrón.


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