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Before their breakup, the couple owned a large fortune together.

After the end of the multi-million dollar relationship between JLo and A-Rod became official, various events in the lives of the celebrities began to come to light, in addition to new relationships and processes. However, their marriage would have placed them as a powerful couple thanks to the purchasing power they would have achieved if they combined their income.

According to the magazine Forbes, individually each one accumulates large figures. On the one hand, the diva from the Bronx, age 51, is one of the richest women in America, and has a net worth of more than 150 million US dollars, which are part of his work in the entertainment industry; music, movies and sponsorships.

The ostentatious fortune that Jennifer López possesses

For example, López was the first Hispanic actress to earn more than a million dollars for a movie, with her performance Selena, the first to reach number one in the same week with her album J.Lo and a film Wedding Plans; it is also the holder of the record for most tickets sold at a concert in Las Vegas, beating Britney Spears.

This without counting his brand of beauty products Jlo Beauty, which is a joint investment with his ex-partner Alex Rodríguez. In addition to luxury real estate and startups such as the insurance company Oscar Health and the telehealth startup Hims & Hers Partners.

Before their breakup, the couple owned a large fortune together. However, now, the commercial division is simpler.

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On the other hand, A-Rod, 45, is one of the athletes with the highest income so far, since the artist’s ex-partner accumulates a fortune of around the $ 400 million American people. In total, Rodríguez presides over a corporation that employs more than 500 people with investments in real estate, sports, entertainment, and service companies.

According to the article, Rodriguez used his star power, his network of billionaire business leaders, and approximately $ 130 million in net pay to build A-Rod Inc, an expanding portfolio with interests in technology startups, construction companies, hospitality companies, and thousands of multi-family homes. .

However, during their courtship, the athlete would have inspired Jlo to invest her money by becoming the most influential Latina of all time in the entertainment industry, This was stated in an interview for Forbes in December of last year.

“Alex made me realize that, as an artist, I was a rare asset and the business world was looking for people like us so they could build billion dollar businesses ”, Lopez said to Forbes Last December. “It made me feel comfortable investing my own money in other companies and in myself.” (AND)