The millionaire contract that Gallardo asked a great Brazil

As reported by the Portuguese newspaper Goal, the Atlético Mineiro Are you interested in getting the services of Marcelo Gallardo with the intention of him being the coach of the first team for the next few years. A bomb movement with which they hope to be the main candidates to win the Conmebol Libertadores Cup.

The millionaire contract that Gallardo asked a great Brazil for 2023

The Brazilian team has contacted the Argentine coach with the intention of finding out his position and seeing if he would be willing to continue his career as a coach in Brazil, but they have come across a million-dollar request from the Doll.

The same outlet confirmed that Marcelo Gallardo told Atlético Mineiro that he would only accept the offer if he has a salary of 10 million dollars a year. A figure almost impossible to assume for a Brazilian club today. Everything seems to indicate that he waited 6 months to go to Europe.

Aston Villa, Villarreal and Sevilla are just two of the European clubs that have contacted the Argentine in case they need to change coaches in the short term. But his intention is to wait until the end of the current season to take a team from scratch.