The Minister of Finance approves the amendment of the rules and mechanism of work of the real estate ownership committees, and the disclosure of admission requirements and the required documents

Al-Marsad newspaper: The Minister of Finance, Muhammad Al-Jadaan, approved the rules and work mechanism of the working committees to consider the requests for ownership of modified real estate, after the approval was issued to amend the rules and regulations for considering the requests of citizens.

The amendment stipulated that whoever dismissed his request had the right to apply again for a new request after fulfilling what was stated in the assignment of the organizing committees, within the specified period, and the committees may not retract the recommendation after it was issued and signed by the members, according to “Okaz”.

Conditions for accepting the application

One of the conditions for accepting the application is that the application be submitted before 5/5/1444 AH, and that the property in question should not be within the locations where ownership may not be acquired legally or under orders, decisions, and instructions, and that the property subject to the ownership application has not been revived before the order to prevent the revival issued under the issued order On 9/11/1387 AH.

The committees look into ownership requests, including those whose owners have not previously applied for ownership of real estate with the court, whose owners have previously applied for ownership of real estate to the court, and for which a final judgment has not been issued, and requests to complete the procedures of the deed of settlement, for which the necessary action requires the application of the consolidation instructions.

Official documents required for ownership

The rules included documents and documents related to ownership requests: judgments, decisions, deeds issued by the courts, and notaries proving seizing the property without proving ownership, including deeds of sale, deeds proving rubble, deeds of litigation, deeds of conciliation, deeds proving jurisdiction, settlement, and deeds of neighbors. Temporary title deeds, grants and feudal orders issued by the Supreme Court, decisions, notices, licenses and contracts issued by government agencies, including agricultural decisions, service delivery notices, municipal licenses, and zakat licensing documents.

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In addition to the ordinary documents, they include the following types: Documents related to a disposition between natural or legal persons, indicating ownership by sale, gift or assignment, documents of the division of tribal elders, tribal reconciliation, ordinary division papers and title deeds issued before the establishment of the Saudi courts and which have no records kept in the court. .