The Minister of National Education officially kicks off the BEPC written tests at CES Barma Moustapha in Zinder

Zinder, June 21 (ANP) – The Minister of National Education Pr Ibrahim Natatou officially gave this Tuesday morning, June 21, 2022, the kick-off of the written tests of the Brevet d’Etudes du Premier Cycle (BEPC), Session 2022, at the Secondary Education College (CES) ”Barma Moustapha” in Zinder.

They are a total of 146,904 candidates at the national level to take the BEPC exams among which there are 20,441 under the Zinder region, with 53 Juries set up, including 20 installed in the City of Zinder.

In a brief statement to the candidates, the Minister of National Education reiterated the commitment of the authorities of the 7th Republic ”to make enormous sacrifices to make education the lever of the country’s economic and social development. ”.

He affirmed that all arrangements are made by his ministerial department to attend the conduct of clean examinations throughout the country.

On the morning of Monday, June 20, Minister Ibrahim Natatou went to the SONIDEP primary school where he received a block of three classes before visiting the Normal School for Teachers to meet all the players in the education system.

At the center of the discussions, the new reforms undertaken in this sector to move forward.

As a prelude to the official launch of the BEPC written tests on Tuesday, Professor Ibrahim Natatou went on Saturday morning to the Upper Camp of the Gendarmerie to ensure that the boxes and canteens containing the tests for the Brevet d’Etudes du Premier Cycle (BEPC) Session 2022 are secure.

This year, the events from all regions were airlifted and escorted by the National Gendarmerie.

After taking stock of the latest preparations in the field, the Minister of National Education highlighted the importance of the preparatory phase of the exams with a view to achieving better organization of the latter.

”Everything that the Ministry of National Education should do within the framework of a good organization of these examinations has been carried out and a rigorous control well exercised, he argued.

The choice of the capital of Damagaram to kick off the 2022 Session of the BEPC is not fortuitous, he said, because the “BEPC sports events were launched in Karma while the written exams are scheduled to be launched on Tuesday morning in Zinder.”

The “choice of these two regions is not free insofar as they contain the weakest indicators that characterize the education system: The gross enrollment rate, the gross admission rate or even the enrollment rate. advancement, explained Professor Ibrahim Natatou who also indicates that these “three rates are attributable to the regions of Zinder and Tillabéry which alternately occupy the last two places.”

It is to really mark the “message of the State which results in the fact that Education is its priority today, – he pointed out, that it must be conveyed where we have really need this one, and the Zinder region is well suited to receive it.”

Finally, the Minister of National Education wanted to ” reassure everyone that all security and organizational measures have been taken for the effective success of the BEPC exams, Session 2022. ”

SY/ABKL/RIT/SML/ANP/145/June 2022