The Ministry of Health is outraged by the celebration of the Dnieper Day

Photo: Informator

Dnipro celebrated the City Day without observing quarantine

The city day was celebrated without observing quarantine restrictions, which could lead to an outbreak of coronavirus, the Ministry of Health says.

The Ministry of Health is outraged by how the Day of the city was celebrated in Dnipro the day before. This was stated by the head of the department Maxim Stepanov at a briefing on Sunday, September 13.

Stepanov believes that the celebration was influenced by the political processes that are now taking place in the country.

“When this morning I saw photos from the celebration of the day of the city of Dnipro, which brought together thousands of people, perhaps tens of thousands of people, I have a question for the authorities: I know that you understand what COVID-19 is, and what risks this illness. I understand that now you are undergoing political processes that are now going on throughout the country. But it is so deliberate to hold concerts, despite the fact that they are prohibited in the country … “, – said Stepanov.

The minister stressed that even a few people infected with the coronavirus at a concert are capable of infecting hundreds of people, the number of places in hospitals and doctors has a limit.

Recall that quarantine cannot be weakened in Kiev and 19 regions. In Kiev, the incidence of coronavirus is 140 cases per 100 thousand population, with an acceptable value of 40 cases.

Terrible records. Tough quarantine can be returned?

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