The Ministry of Health Opens Reasons for Choosing Sicepat to be a Free Drug Courier

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

Spokesman Ministry of Health Siti Nadia Tarmizi opened her voice regarding the reason for choosing Sicepat Express as the courier in the program free medicine covid-19 patients via telemedicine.

Nadia said the government cooperated because only Sicepat Express was willing to provide services for free. He said services would be provided during the pandemic, but he could not confirm how long Sicepat’s services would be provided.

“Yes SiCepat because they are willing to give it for free. (Services are provided) during this pandemic, yes,” he told via short message, Friday (9/7).

He ensured that this collaboration was purely private participation in helping the government deal with the pandemic. Nadia said the Ministry of Health did not provide certain facilities to companies in return for assistance.

“There is no (reciprocity). This is participation from the private sector during the pandemic,” he said.

Separately, Sicepat Express stated that it had disbursed Rp10 billion to help the government deal with COVID-19. The funds were used for telemedicine services, distributing 1,011 beds worth IDR 1 billion to the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government, and donations worth IDR 1 billion to fulfill the extension needs of 31 hospitals in Jakarta.

“We allocated this Rp 10 billion fund to assist the government’s program in efforts to overcome COVID-19 sufferers who have difficulty getting medicines, done online and by distributing them without charging shipping costs,” said SiCepat Ekspres CEO The Kim Hai in an official statement .

It is known, the Ministry of Health (Kemenkes) provides free drug redemption services at Kimia Farma pharmacies for people who are positive for COVID-19.

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In obtaining these services, patients must first take part in telemedicine services that have collaborated with the government. To do this, the patient must first perform a PCR/antigen swab test in a laboratory affiliated with the Ministry of Health.

If the test result is positive and the laboratory reports the results to the Covid-19 positive case database at the Ministry of Health (NAR), then the patient will receive WhatsApp from the Ministry of Health (with a green tick) automatically.

After that, patients can have an online consultation with a doctor at one of the 11 telemedicine service platforms for free by clicking on the link contained in the WA message from the Indonesian Ministry of Health and entering the voucher code in the selected application.

The eleven telemedicine applications include YesDok, GetWell, ProSehat, Halodoc, KlikDokter, KlinikGo, Link Sehat, Milvik Dokter, Good Doctor, SehatQ, and Alodokter.

Then, consult a doctor by informing you that you are a patient of the Ministry of Health program. After conducting an online consultation, the doctor will provide a digital prescription according to the patient’s condition.

The Ministry of Health in collaboration with Sicepat Express will collect drugs and/or vitamins from Kimia Farma Pharmacies and send them to the patient’s address.

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